Oct 6, 2006

Biggest Loser... Deal or No Deal?

Generally speaking, I have shows I like to watch, Shan has her shows, and the kids have their shows... Sometimes, we all watch the same shows... And, sometimes, there is are shows that come along and peak the interest of one of our children but not the other... Case in point:

Our son LOVES "Biggest Loser." We record it on the DVR so he watch it. We haven't quite figured out if the appeal is watching the tests the contestants face, or how much percentage weight they lose at the end of each show. Either way, he loves it. It also seems that when the new season starts up, he gets more active - wants to throw the ball around, go out and play, etc etc... Whatever reason, I'm glad he likes to watch what becoming more healthy can do for a person, and that he becomes more physically active while it is running.

Our daughter, on the other hand, LOVES "Deal or No Deal." She likes to sit and guess which case has the big money. And, we all pick a different case to play along. Mostly, we are trying to see if the contestant will even pick our cases throughout the show. Last night was cool because I picked 17. Shan said, "Where do you think the million dollars is?" I said, "Seventeen, that's why I picked it..." Turns out, I had been right... Figures... If I had been on the show, I would have lost, I'm sure... Emily had a blast watching and picking.

Is it educational television? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, it's a great way to spend part of an evening... :-)

Of course, Shan and I LOVE Grey's Anatomy and Boston Legal (the funniest first-run TV show on right, as far as I'm concerned). I am a huge fan of shows that never let the actors forget they are on a television show...when the actor turns to the screen, or makes some comment like Denny Crane when he said the new characters couldn't be permanent because they weren't in the pilot, or another character turns and says, "cue music." Excellent work!! :-)

On another note, yesterday, Shan's Dad and I (mostly Shan's Dad) gave Daisy her first woming treatment. Something akin to feeding nasty-tasting medicine to a child - a lot of head-turning, funny faces, and trying to spit it out once we got it in there... :-) Overall, I'd say she did well...

And, on yet another note, my Mom called me this morning and her hot water heater had decided it no longer wished to serve in that role. Apparently, it dropped its drawers and let everything loose on the floor - much like a defiant puppy, I'd say... So, after some running around, we got the water turned off, the heater turned off, and now we have to look at getting another one... That should be quite an adventure, too.... :-) Ever disconnected one and replaced it with another? I haven't.. :-) I'll keep ya posted........

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