Oct 14, 2006

Apache, PHP, MySQL, huh?

Hang on, after the first paragraph, this post really is in English! :-)

So, a while back, I mentioned that Tyler and his buddies have decided they want to make an online RPG. I ordered a couple books and they came in, and I started learning... So far, the most I've accomplished is even getting Apache, PHP and MySql to even run together in a fashion that makes sense to me... :-) I should mention that I am doing this on my Windows XP machine... Yeah, I know, some of you may be wondering why I didn't do this on Linux.... Others have yet to even know what I'm talking about! :-) If it makes you feel any better, even *I* fall into the second group of readers! I have no clue what I'm talking about, I'm just trying to help Tyler... We'll see... I did find phpMMORPG, but it doesn't like something about my set up (prolly the whole Windows/Linux thing)... Now, it turns out Microsoft is giving Virtual PC 2004 away for free, so I may create a virtual computer and run Linux there and see what happens... Then again.... Maybe not... LOL

Since it's Saturday, I just want to say good luck to the Steelers... I guess Cower is leaving Ben in, and i just hope he finaly plays as himself....

I've been playing McDonald's Monopoly... So far I've won a breakfast sandwich.. :-) I really like the online version at playatmcd.com... Very cool... Put your codes in from the pieces and win! LOL, okay, so I haven't won yet... But, I could be a good pitch man, right?

The other day, I watched "Rebuilding an Icon" about the latest incarnation of the Corvette. Of course, I had seen it before, but I could watch it again and again... Not just because it's about the new Vette, but also because it is actually well-written, and very cool that they were able to tie in the car photographer trying to grab a photo during the whole process....

Yeah, I'm one of those "watch the same thing a billion times" kind of guys... If there is a movie or TV show that I've seen, and I like it, I'll watch it over and over... Today, I watched "Maverick" for the zillionth time... "Con Air," "Armageddon," and "Die Hard" are some others I could watch every single time they're on....

I still have to post the picture of Emily's stitches... I'll try to do that before the weekend is up... :-)

This afternoon, we all went outside and tossed the football around. We also played boys vs. girls. Emily has some serious moves! And, I'm not saying there were any penalties, but Shan's definition of "Holding" and the NFL's are not necessarily taken from the same rulebook... :-) We also ran about 50 races because Emily wanted us to... Then, we played some more - a LOT of running around... How did THAT happen!?

Afterward, we all came back in, and Tyler and I played each other in Battlefield 1942. Yeah, I know, it's kind of an older game, but we like it alot! :-)

Okay, I gotta say it - HOW 'BOUT DEM HAWGS!? Holy cow! 63-7!?!? Yeah, I know, it was SE Missouri St, but still... SIXTY-THREE to seven!? SMOKES!! YEE-HAW HOGS! :-)

Okay, while typing this up, I just saw a commercial for Intelius.com... Background checks on nannies, significant others, the mailman... I'm curious, how many people are going to actually use this? "I love you, baby, but I need your social security number... Why? I just want to run a background check on you..." Okay, actually, you don't even need the SSN! What the heck is this world coming to? Don't answer that... And, for Pete's sake (who *IS* Pete anyway?), don't waste your money checking Intelius for my info... :-)

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