Oct 23, 2006

50 posts and Papa John Chicken....

Well, hey, this is my 51st post, according to the site stat thingy... :-) I know that is a drop in the bucket for a lot of folks, but being a total noob at this, I'd say it ain't bad... :-)

Tonight (monday), I am in Little Rock for a meeting on Tuesday. The hotel and meals are being provided for the group, and we were treated to Goucho's... It is very cool! The servers come around with skewers (two skewers each) and offer a bite-sized portion off each skewer. The skewers might have bacon-wrapped chicken, Brazilian sausage, a couple of huge roasted pineapples (which they offer you a nice long, sweet slice!), leg of lamb, and all kinds of others... They kinda rotate around the place, so you have food being offered to you every couple minutes. Since they are bite-sized at a time, you really don't get full quickly! Which is great! Of course,it can also lead to some serious...uh..indulging! :-)

Okay, so what's up with Papa John's Chicken?? One of the guys had this white 'thing' on his skewer... We asked what it was... Phoebe, my direct supervisor, couldnt hear/understand what was said. After the answer was repeated, some of the people at the table decided to try some... Phoebe said that she still hadn't heard, so we told her.. Parmasean Chicken... She said, "Oh! I thought it was some kind of JOHN chicken.." We all laughed, at which point things went downhill... I started off with "Pair-A-Johns" chicken, whic was follwed up by Cindy with "Papa John's Chicken!" We had a great laugh at Phoebe's expense... And now, I'm probably going to be seeking employment elsewhere after word of this gets out... Anyone need a slightly brain-damaged techie?? :-)

And, I couldn't remember if I had posted this or not, but there is a very cool site for email for kids... Safe2Read.com. Parents sign up and they add accounts for their kiddos. Email has to be approved by the parents, and it can be approved on several levels... Like, ALL messages have to be approved, or once a message from a known person is approved, then all messages from that person are automatically approved, but I think a copy of ALL email goes to the parents, either way (I'll have to test that)... Anyway, it is pretty cool, and it lets the children get connected without the fear of being contacted by some pedophile.....

I saw a bright yellow new Corvette on the road today! :-) Man, the new C's are gorgeous cars! I was skeptical of the new exposed headlights, but they have really grown on me! :-)

Until next time.... Hide The Oats!

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