Oct 21, 2006

Random things to look at... and THE HAWGS!

Okay, as you know if you've been reading along, my 4-year old is addicted to "Deal or No Deal." We thought about getting the DVD game, but in the meantime, I found out that you could play online! :-) Just go here: NBC Deal or No Deal Game. It's not as entertaining as the TV show, but the game moves quickly and it is fun to see how far you'd go... especially when it ain't YOUR money! :-)

While reading an online review of the "Deal or No Deal" DVD game (which, from what I can tell should NOT be bought!), an ad for SAW III called out to me on the page.... Now, some of you may not know, but I am a HUGE fan of the Saw movies! I like "thinking" horror... Guy with chainsaw running around killing everyone may be entertaining (or gross), but there really isn't anything to THINK about... In SAW, you think... Or at least TRY to think before you are ripped apart, burned, or otherwise killed off.. :-) But, I digress... So, this ad takes me to a sub-site featuring the Legend of Jigsaw. Interactive, cool, but not for little one's ears.. The audio in the site features a barrage of cussing... So, be warned... The "Legend" page(s) are here: Legend of Jigsaw, and the main SAW III site is here: Saw III. By following the links on the site, one eventaully discovers that Raybin Managment (The company behind SAW) is auctioning off props and stuff from the Saw movies! Very cool... Included in this list of items is the ONLY animatronic doll used in Saw III.... Yes, for a small fee, you too could own the doll from SAW III.... High bid at the time of me writing this is.....drum roll...... $5500.00! Wanna see for yourself? Click on this... If you dare..... Of course, another item they are auctioning through a different company is a poster... Printed using red ink that has been "enhanced" with the blood of Tobin Bell (the actor that plays Jigsaw)... Uh, yes, you read that correctly.... Interested? Come along!

How about DEM HAWGS!? Holy smokes! Nothing like starting out a game with a 100-yard kick-off return! Suh-weet! :-) Awesome, guys! Now, let's see how the Steelers do....

Ah, yes, when I pulled up to the house after work on Friday, I noticed my rear passenger tire was going flat. As I was checking it out, the hole happened to be blowing air into my ear! I marked the hold with a silver metallic Sharpie, and went on my way... I woke up Saturday morning and decided to take the tire off and get it fixed... A phone call would have saved me some headache... Turns out the tire place here is closed on Saturdays...the wonders of living in a small town... Anyway, I got the tire off (once I figured out exactly where to place the jack on the rear of my Ram 1500), loaded it up in the mini-van, and drove to the closed tire shop. Not feeling like driving 20 miles to Hope, I returned to the house and figured I would put the spare on and get the tire fixed Monday... For future reference to those who do not regularly change their tires: Make sure the vehicle is not going to MOVE when you are trying to put on the spare... Luckily, the ground was soft from the rain the other day, so I don't think I broke anything... I pushed on the tire and the truck followed Newo's law of motion perfectly....it moved away from me... I'm not sure how I didn't lose a head or a hand, but I only lost some pride and some of the skin that used to be on my middle finger... Which, I promptly showed to the truck.. :-) After a few words that could have found themselves on the aforementioned SAW III web site, I managed to raise the truck off the ground and get the spare attached... I am so mechanically challenged, it ain't even funny... Well, it is... but, it's sad... :-)

At Wal-Mart yesterday, I bought Tyler a pack of 2006 Upper Deck baseball cards. Upper Deck now had codes on their cards to get kids to buy them (somehow, I still manage to fit that description...). The codes can be entered and collected, then 'cashed in' for prizes, merchandise, autographed memorabilia, etc... It's pretty cool... If you wanna see more, you can go to UpperDeckKids.com...

My Dad found out he is not dying, but has several things wrong with his back, including 'sliding' discs... That's not good... He also found out the growth in and around his knees is a cancerous tumor.. He will have tests done to check for malignancy... In the near future, he will have an operation to get rid of it... As he put it, "the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly..." He may looking at re-retiring sooner than he was hoping to... Well, sooner than he 'could have' anyway.... I'll keep ya posted....

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