Oct 28, 2006

District Champs and a moustache

Prescott High School won their game Friday night, thus becoming district champs! Undefeated in district! Awesome! Next Thursday, they play Magnet Cove and if they win, they take regional (I believe that's right.. If not, someone either correct me or ignore me...) Way to go WOLVES!

While shopping this evening, I joked around about picking up a box of Country Time lemonade packets. I love those things! Turns out, I buy one a week, so we have quite the supply at the house... Shan said something about ading to my stash, to which Emily replied, "Are you getting a moustache?!" What little ones hear... :-)

Much to Shan's chagrin, Emily and Tyler and I have been playing Battlefield 1942 multiplayer... The kids love it. Emily likes to drive the jeep and fly the planes... Ever been in a plane with a 4-year old at the helm? Let's just say your virtual life flashes before your eyes, as does everything else in the game! :-) Of course, there is the whole violence thing, and I totally understand the issue there... So, I am going to take the book I got to help Tyler with his web site and use it to design a multiplayer food-fight type game... :-) Yeah, still some violence, but it will be cartoon-like! :-) And, no one 'dies,' they just have to go hit the showers before they can return to the battlefield, er uh, cafeteria... :-)

I didn't realize it had been 5 days since I last wrote here... Ouch... Well, I believe very early on, I said something to the effect that I wouldn't be very good at keeping up with this... I have techno-A.D.D.... Something grabs my attention for a while, and then I end up getting distracted by some other techy thing... :-)

This week, I managed to stand on about 3 or 4 different soapboxes in a semi-public forum (a listserv that serves a select group of folks in the state...). Let's see, I covered the fact that I believe the state network guys should just announce when they will need to take the system down for upgrades/maintenance rather than 'taking a poll,' especially near the december holiday break (formally known as Christmas break before the ACLU got involved)... I also started a conversation regarding a statewide school calendar and daily bell schedule... :-) I think there should be one of each (everyone gets the same days off, and everyone goes to class at the same time, for the same period). I'll save you the details... :-) There was also the mini-box I got on regarding low-level/introductory technology training for teachers... I think we will always need those kinds of courses, and other folks dont agree... :-) All in all, quite a week... :-)

About 2 weeks ago, I ordered some of my eTopps cards to be sent to me (referred to having them 'in hand'). They arrived the other day, and man are they incredible! They shine and do all kinds of color changing in various lights (reflect/refract)... Great looking cards! :-) I have more in my online portfolio that I will have sent to me, but then I am selling off my portfolio in order to recoup some much-needed cash... In fact, I have the full set of Pirates eTopps cards (2001-2006) in hand, and will most likely sell those as a Master Set... Same with the Steelers once I actually have a Master set built... I do have a Master set of Indians, but I am really hoping to hold on to those as part of my Indians collection... will eventually sell al the Indians cards as one massive collection, but for now, I'm hanging on to them as long as I can... :-)

Well, seeing as it is 3am, I'm outta here... without the moustache... :-)

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