Apr 18, 2018

Work Life: Remote Shutdown Windows Server

November 30, 2012
I thought I had lost my old friend shutdown.exe that I found on one of the old Resource Kits, but found out I hadn't and with Windows Server 2003, it's included. I loved the ability to reboot computers when I was out of the office and of course before WSUS some updates required a restart so this tool came in real handy. With this tool you can restart, shutdown or Annotate Unexpected Shutdown. I won't use the last one but the first two are useful.
From the server, open a command prompt and type in shutdown /i. It's not the old GUI interface but it is workable. Select the system you wish to shutdown using the browse button or just type it in. You must give it a reason as the Event Tracker is back. I tend to turn it off on my servers, hate it...
This tool is great for administrators who have large sites and want to give their feet a break!

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