Apr 18, 2018

Work Life: apt-get -f install Error

When you try to update some of the software on your EeePC, you may run into an error telling you to run the following command: apt-get -f install.
The problem is that your user account does not have the "rights" to run that command. So, how do you get around it?
  1. Bring up a Console Shell (CTRL-ALT-t in EasyMode)
  2. Type: sudo su (Press Enter)
  3. Type: apt-get -f install (Press Enter)
  4. Answer YES to any prompts given to you (In my experience, there are usually two questions asked)
  5. After the updates are done, type: exit (Press Enter)
  6. Type: exit (Press Enter again)
Once you have completed the steps above, you should be able to click on the "Update" button for the program that gave you the error and install your updates.

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