May 13, 2015

Participants #edsymposium - Harry Dickens

(Not sure why this was in drafts, but I am releasing it now!)

Participants creating their own Kahoots - can use for bellringer, etc. Competition/game in a set time limit as well. - make your own Kahoots

Can create questions, adding video or images. Can also create video questions: play a video and then ask questions based on the video, etc.

Can have students create quizzes for their peers!

Use Reflector to show ipad/iphone through a computer already attached to projector, monitor, etc

Touchcast - Record video, built-in teleprompter, chromakey, whiteboarding, titling, sound effects, filters, embed external content (google forms, etc) for quizzes, etc.
Learning to use green screen with TouchCast

iBooks for iPad - Create your own iBooks. Students can publish online and have other students comment on their books.

Book Widgets for iPad - surveys, spreadsheets, image carousel, crossword, switch between images (before/after, compare/contrast); label parts, etc.

iTunesU - Apps for the Classroom, Harry's iTunesU course with handouts, info, etc.

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