May 5, 2015

#fetc Game-Based Learning and Next Gen Science Standards

(Note: This was published earlier on my author blog by mistake. I am reposting here as evidence for my employment grant)

#fetc Game-Based Learning and Next Gen Science Standards

Presenter: Ora D Tanner

Why I chose this:
I am very interested in seeing different ways to incorporate gaming into various disciplines. I am hoping to learn some fun ways/games to share with teachers.

What we covered:
Game Development Process
Pilot Study Results

Rationale - Why Games? Big buzzword, but why should we care?
#1 Passive, unmotivated and disengaged (PUD). Lecture-based presentations, reading book, cookbook labs - not working. Causing students to disengage. Students find science boring.

Gaming creates learning environment for problem-solving. Take roles of scientist/engineer.

CHANGE Project. Climate Change Narrative Game

Piloting in 4 HS this year, 25 next year - marine biology high school curriculum.

What features do students find engaging?
What features do students see as helping with learning?

Water Gauge Warrior - game created for project. Tied into school curriculum and also university objectives.

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