May 2, 2015

My new rig

For my birthday, I received money to go toward the purchase of parts, etc to upgrade my computer. I decided to get enough parts that would allow me to pass my now-previous computer on to my daughter. I did quite a bit of shopping and pricing and ultimately came up with this bit of rigging.

The case, motherboard, RAM, CPU, HDD, Windows 8 (blech!) and top DVD burner came as a steeply discounted package deal. It has an i7-4770 and (right now) 8gb RAM. My previous computer had a Dual Core 3.2Ghz something-or-other. As you see in the photo above, I added a second DVD burner and a 3.5-inch media card reader with USB. I had to disconnect the top-mounted USB in order to free up the internal header, but for I what do, it was worth it.

The picture below is a shot of the interior, though I did not take the case out of my desk, so it's not a very good one. Sorry. Inside, though, I upgraded the PSU to a 600W modular and added a Sapphire Dual-X R9 280 graphics card. Let me tell you, the card barely fits in the case. But, with a little care and elbow grease, it's in there and works great!

Right now, the side is off the case. I would like to do something to help the heat. I've played several games on it now (Far Cry 3, Wreckfest, Pay Day 2, to name a few), and though the temps are reading within normal gaming range, I know the case is a little snug for what I've thrown at it.

Since the motherboard is Acer, it has a weird 12-pin ATX header. I ordered a 12-pin to 24-pin adapter (with HD sleeving) from modDIY that arrived in about a week. It snapped right on, and things are humming. Well, not even humming, really.

The amazing thing that this rig has over the other (in addition to the obvious upgrades) is QUIET. You never hear the thing running until you start tossing games at it, and even then the sound level is barely noticeable without headphones. Put on headphones, and you'd never hear it.

What am I planning to do with my new computer? I plan to start "Let's Play" style videos for my YouTube channel, along with other videos that I've been wanting to start making. Why not, right?

Oh, one last thought: though I can now play games better with enhanced visuals, my actual gameplay hasn't improved one iota. Haha, now, I just get killed in better-looking environments.

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