May 5, 2015

#fetc Educational Gaming: Make Custom Games without Programming

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#fetc Educational Gaming: Make Custom Games without Programming

Why I chose this:
Very interested in education gaming, especially in preparation for training/pd.

What we covered:

Make 21st education more interactive, more democratic, more global, more student-tailored, geared toward problem solving in the real world.

Speaker spent several minutes pitching the product he is trying to sell us. I still have no idea what it is. So far as I can tell, it helps teachers create lessons, but also can help students create lessons.

Content entered is delivered in a variety of methods.

Memarden (?) company, I think. Web-based lesson creation. Video, audio, images, text.

Tab-based design layout - content, questions, games.

Presenter trying hard to get audience participation, but this is not going well. He was finally able to get someone to toss out an idea to help generate a lesson.

While I can see where this might be a different way to develop lessons, I am not so sure the program's title matches the perceived expectation of what would be covered. Considering there are many sessions here about coding and gaming, I was expecting something like "Scratch without Scratch" or "BYOND without programming."

Q: What is cost?
A: $1/student/year.

Q: Can you download content?
A: No, content is uploaded.

Q: Can I use this as standalone?
A: Requires internet to use.

Q: Does the content become the company's?
A: Dual copyright. You own your content, company owns their content. There is also a marketplace like TPT and sell to other teachers.

Q: Can you import questions/answers?
A: Yes, you can import those.

Q: Are there discounts for sites as opposed to classes?
A: Yes, terms can be worked out.

They are developing games that use dance pads for more interactivity.

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