Dec 5, 2014

#aesa2014 Work Life: Improving information usage through regional data hubs

Improving information usage through regional data hubs

Why I chose this:
Interested to see what services other co-ops are offering. (Note: I didn't realize this was an ed-fi session. We use ed-fi in Arkansas already, but it was neat to see what other states are doing)

What we covered:
Think of education as an enterprise: state, regions, local districts, students/parents

Information flows among stakeholders

- Inaccurate or inconsistent data
- Various data formats
- Securely transferring data
- Timeliness of data
- Prone to breaking
- Need for actionable data

Michigan legislature awarded $1mil for data integration

  • Integrate disparate SIS data into a common infrastructure
  • Develop standardized systems to move to fewer SIS systems
  • Transition to a statewide SIS program
  • Build on work being done 'at scale' in other states.
  • Explain how it would interface with a "classroom readiness" project
Vision: Common Data, Common Solutions

Solution based on NCES data standards

ed-fi alliance 

Data standards
Data store
ed-fi dashboards
ed-fi tools
ed-fi data warehouse

Student record movement

AR did watch lists for students with automated scheduling

Data is stored/housed at state/region level. Ed-fi does not store/house data.

Michigan built a cockpit to allow stakeholders to move data between applications using ed-fi

(gave a demo of their cockpit system - easy interface for connecting sites to data systems)

(gave a demo of the dashboards)

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