Dec 4, 2014

#aesa2014 Work Life: AESA Conference 2014 - Opening Session

Walter G Turner award presented to Dr. James Denova from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This award is given to nominated persons who have helped enhance and/or expand the reach and awareness of educational service centers in their region, state, or nation.

Morning keynote: Andrew Bennett

Shared story of working with Jo-Ann Fabrics and Ross Perot's EDS. The differences between where things were and where they've moved. Different cultures in the workplace as well. EDS was nurturing, allowing employees to thrive. Jo-Ann Fabrics was one in which the surviving mentality was king - reaction-focused.

Thriving environment is about the future, requires conscious effort. Surviving environment where brilliant people cannot get things done. Thriving allows regular folks to excel and exceed.

How do you (as ESA's) deal with the challenges that you face, especially in a world where things change rapidly and get much more complex as time goes on?

Today is not about being sick and getting better, but rather how to get better than you are. This is about being creative, finding solutions that come faster and provide better services; inspiring environment.

Creativity and Collaboration from the World of Magic

Transformation from surviving to thriving - leadership is everything. Not from a title perspective, but in your heart/spirit. It can come from anywhere, any position. By managing your thinking, and accessing your spirit, that's where you improve your performance. Not religion, but the creative force we have - joy when serving others and when we 'do good.' Success comes by tapping into that spirit.

Appear, disappear, restore

Most powerful forms of transformation. What do I need to make appear? Disappear? Restore? By asking those questions, it provides mechanism for more robust results.

Six creative Powers:
  • Words
  • Self-Awareness
  • Inspiration
  • Relationships
  • Authenticity
  • Mastery

APPEAR: We hide the truth and then reveal it. Act of revealing the truth. You gain great power when you find the deeper truth about contribution, service, and what gives us hope? Gallop Poll 70% of world workers are either not engaged or are actively not engaged - not thriving, they are surviving. 450-550 million dollars in lost productivity in the U.S. No hope. How do we create something with value that means something and creates hope.

Incorporate inspiration into our work. Old way = motivation; impel, dangling carrot; limiting because relies on external sources. Inspiration = breathe life, emotional, self-sustaining.

The power of WOW! 
We feel it when we are connected to something we do at work or in our lives. "Because of my/our work, I see a world where..." Take 5 minutes to freehand write an answer to that questions.

In ESA terms, do you remember that your work results in some kind of betterment for children in some way - whether directly or indirectly. We must take time to reflect.

Burning platform and burning desire - the energy to make our future appear.

Fear does not motivate. Need something to pull you forward. Need something to light the fire, but need excited picture of the future to pull you forward.

Power of Words
60,000 thoughts per day. 95% are same thoughts we had yesterday. Things like driving.
BALL - words conjure pictures.
BOWLING BALL - clearing picture

"abracadabra" - What I speak is what I create

What we speak to others has influence on their performance; what we say to ourselves influences our own performance. Sometimes, we have to stop and regroup and find/remember what makes us create.

The vision that inspires you must be nurtured. Are you painting a picture of an inspiring future that ignites a fire?

David Copperfield flying - beautiful illusion. He opened communication and collaboration. "I want to fly." He did not want to rework levitation. He wanted to FLY. Seven years to develop the illusion.

What language might be limiting your creativity? Personal language, company language, organization language. What would a company word audit show?

Literal and symbolic disappearing.

What do you need to stop doing?
What tolerations do we need to let go of?
What should we say NO to?

The act of making something disappear is often one of concealment. We hide things to make them 'disappear.'

Symbolic is concealment. What we really want to make disappear is our anxiety over a situation.

Fear of not being good enough - protecting stance, critical, judgmental; points potential problems; criticizes others.

Fear of rejection - complaining; likable, following the rules; supportive; subordinate their own ideas

Fear of failure - Controlling; driven, dictator; get things done; push own ideas

Which of those do you use? Which is your core strategy? How does that hold you and your team back?

How do we create a culture where people can become aware of their own reactive behavior and change it?

Power of relationships - how can we be box jumpers for each other? Find someone to help you overcome your fears.

Managing anxiety is how we overcome fears and get past making things disappear.

Substitution used in magic. When we want to restore something, we need to substitute a new story.

What if our scars can help us thrive? Suffering is relative. Businesses have suffering. Surviving is easy - we are resilient. But, do we want to just survive or do we want to thrive? You must make a decision, a conscious effort to thrive. The work that we do matters - our goal is to make strong children.

What is it that you want to make appear, disappears, and be restored in your life - personally and professionally?

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