Dec 6, 2014

#aesa2014 Work Life: Gamifying the Classroom: Framework of Fun

Gamifying the Classroom: Framework of Fun

Why I chose this:
I'm interested in helping schools incorporate gaming, so thought I'd check this out.
*Note: sign outside door says "Glamifying the Classroom"

What we covered:

Why have games gotten more complex over time?
Free time
Better at problem solving
No fear of failure in games

"Better theories of learning are embedded in the video games children play than in the schools they attend" - James Gee

Highly Effective Learning environment:
Flexible furniture
Technology to show/work together
Students Make choices
Students become experts
Solving problems
Immediate feedback

(Substitute "Gamers" for students)

There is always an answer
"cheating" is allowed - walkthroughs, helps, etc
Failure isn't bad
Learning is collaborative

(told story of a history teacher that showed first part of Saving Private Ryan and talk to veterans. The kids paid little to no attention. Next year, had kids play Medal of Honor then watch video and talk to veterans - 100% engagement after the connection, asked questions, shed tears)

Gamification - modifying reality to resemble a game

  • - use for review, make it interactive, real-time. Can download the results. Students can make kahoots under teacher account. Leaderboards 
  • Status/Level up - levels could follow your content. 
  • Badges, achievements - badgemaker (Chose topic, completed outline, etc)

Game-based Learning - Learning itself comes about via game

  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Planning
  • Politics
  • Recreate periods in history, to scale
  • Choice and control
Dr. Mike Wesch - How do I get students to EXPERIENCE this?
  • Marshmallow Wars
Students can help design games based on what needs to be learned/discovered.

What's next?
  • Learn more about games - what makes good games, replayable games
  • Howard Gardner - AppGeneration
  • Mark Prensky - Don't bother me, Mom - I'm learning"
  • Jane McGonigal - Reality is Broken ("Serious Games")
  • David Williamson Shaffer - How computer games help children learn
Can we create a game that teaches you gamification concepts, ideas, etc? 

Make a pancake - try it, fail, try again, get better

Introduce teachers and admins to games
Train teachers to use them appropriately
Let kids learn through game play

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