Dec 5, 2014

#aesa2014 Work Life: I Am New School

I am New School

Why I chose this:
Interested to see what technology offerings other education service centers offer. I'm not really sure what this session will over, so we'll see.

What we covered:
What verbiage do we use for the shift underway with technology? "New School"

Parents are naming their children things like hashtag, google, facebook...

Display of Maslow's Hierarchy - created in 1963

Kudoso wi-fi router that can manage family bandwidth, tie it to chores.

Teach digital safety. Digital footprints.

The goal is to give teachers and administrators the power to use new technology.

Used Polleverywhere to ask questions of participants. The problem is, as posed by presenter, that these devices (phones) are banned at a lot of schools. Kid forgets calculator, can't use the one in his/her pocket!

How many devices do you have connected to your network at home?

Personalized Learning - Content is interesting to ME and I have a purpose - a reason to use it.

"Why do I need this?" "Because it is on the test." - not relevant.

Competency-based programs

Flexible learning environment

Personal learning path

profiles for learners - interests/aspirations

Why type a paper? Speak it.

Collaborate and build classroom projects.

Move teachers to next level of engagement, technology use. Rethink assignments, assessments, etc.

If we hold kids to expectation that is too low, what happens when they pass it?

As ESAs, we need to model the change.

Be social - be transparent with stakeholders - wins and losses
Be innovative -
Be relevant - relationships
Be willing to learn - be willing to make mistakes, grow from them.

New School tool - iPads, ex: new school that we shut down and close up into old school ways.

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