Dec 4, 2014

#aesa14 Work Life: Session 1 - Partnering to Protect Agency Systems andData

Partnering to Protect Agency Systems and Data

Why I chose this:
I am always interested in ways to help the technology at the co-op. I thought this session might help provide ideas that I could share with schools and other co-ops in the state.

What we covered:
From Iowa's AEA System

Presentation available online at the AESA conference site.

Collaborations among AEA's:
  • Internet aggregation out to the schools
  • PowerSchool Support (Student mgmt system)
  • School finance
  • Zoom videoconferencing
  • iBoss filtering
  • Area tech director meetings
  • IEC (statewide buying program)
  • Statewide WEB IEP
  • ITEC (Statewide tech organization, conference)
  • Clarity Survey (BrightBytes) - statewide
  • Tech consultants and shared resources
 These are services offered at co-op level or higher.

Reasons to collaborate:
  • Cost savings
  • Logical to use existing systems
  • Similar work
  • Natural disasters
Partnering to protect data:
    • Competition replaced by partnerships
    • Same goal in mind
    • Trust each other
    • Friendship
    • Relationships
Created a data center
  • $100,000 for building
  • $100,000 for foundation, electrical, etc
  • 12'x27' 69000 lbs
  • Three 6 ton 24/7 a/c units with spare
  • 16 steel gauge door
  • fire suppression system
  • 150+ mph winds
  • Generator protected  
  • Building set up high on the foundation (4ft off ground)
Lesson learned:
  • Locate units so that they are not sun-facing
  • Will units shut down if too hot? Ask!
Phones - Need POTS in case power goes out!
UPS/APC units - make sure you have enough backup coverage to last as long as you need.
Monthly generator tests - exactly what does your kill switch kill?
Have pertinent order/serial numbers easily accessible and readable

ICN - Iowa Communications Network - fiber going everywhere. State-owned and leased operated fiber. Local last mile is leased by district off the state network. Connects schools, colleges, medical, etc. ICN is 10Gig each, but looking at additional bandwidth to handle data.

Avamar by EMC in place

All data backed up to one site, then just servers are backed up to another site.

Starting to look at Hot Sites; point-to-multipoint; VSphere replication with SRM; Data and software duped in real time; currently only financial software is hot-sited, but looking at other software/services.

Charge schools flat fee or per student fee for costs.

Possible future:
Statewide SIS
Statewide RFP templates for erate AEA and LEA
iPad repair

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