Jun 5, 2014

#edsymposium Michael Fullan Keynote Notes

California is building capacity over compliance through Fullan's program. Working with clusters of districts. "If you want to change the group, use the group to change the group."

Being famous for autonomy is a negative when talking about systemic changes, especially when building intra-regional collaboration.

"Leadership for Maximizing Impact"
The Principal - What is the role? What are problems? Advantages?

  • Lead Leader
  • System Leader
  • Change Agent


Right Drivers - motivates

  • Capacity Building
  • Collaborative Work
  • Pedagogy
  • Systemness
Wrong Drivers (enablers) - demotivates
  • Accountability (Punitive)
  • Individual teacher and leadership quality
  • Technology as a driver
  • Fragmented strategies
You are stuck with state policies, but you are not stuck at local level. Turn punitive mindset and make it growth mindset. Find ways to exploit state policy for good within a district. Great advantages when things are in flux. Do things when state will not be good at monitoring implementation.

(3-4 minute discussion among small groups about drivers, change, etc)

The Role of Principal:
Agent of Change - Moves people and organizations forward under difficult conditions
Leading Learning - Models learning and shapes the conditions for all to learn.
System Player - Contributes to and benefits from system improvement.

These are gears that fit together and feed into and off of each other.

Principals should direct their energies to developing the group.

Impact on teachers: Teacher appraisal, Professional development, collaborative cultures. Which has greatest impact? "A fool with a tool is still a fool" - Appraisal and PD are not nearly as effective as collaboration. 

Use the small number of key ideas you need, complex part is the synergy of these key things - "Simplexity"

Professional Capital: Human Capital (people); Social Capital (quality and quantity of interactions among people); Decisional Capital (resources of knowledge, intelligence, and energy required to put the human and social capital to effective use. Capacity to choose well and make good decisions."

PC: Cultivating human and social capital over time ... for meeting the learning goals of the school.

From "Park Manor" school video - "Adding new technology to old pedagogy doesn't make things better."

Principal as System Player - must be able to TALK THE WALK! That is, you must be able to explain what you are doing.  Aware they are part of a bigger picture and contribute to the bigger picture and learn from it (districtwide, multiple districts, etc).

Talented schools will improve a weak teacher
Talented teachers will leave a weak school (and the profession!)
Good collaboration reduces bad variation

Focus is on pedagogy, not curriculum. Good pedagogy will drive good curriculum.

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