Jun 6, 2014

#edsymposium - Marcia Tate Keynote

Three things everyday teachers should do.
  1. Greet students at the door. It is at the door where those relationships are built.
  2. Calming music playing at the beginning in the background.
  3. Start every class with something positive. "You look marvelous" to each other.
Humorproject.com - smile on a stick!

20 ways to teach the human brain

  1. Writing - helps you remember. Cannot takes notes and listen at same time. 
  2. Storytelling - real stories tie teaching to learning. Tell stories to teach a point.
  3. mnemonic devices - Acronyms, acrostics, etc.  PEMDAS, HOMES. Let students create their own devices! People need to hear something three times before they get it. Give students a hook or connection.
  4. Visuals - show what you are teaching
  5. Movement (AS=Age); Attention Span of a student is approx age of student in mins. Adults can pay attention for 20 minutes.
  6. Role-play or act out the lesson, steps of a problem, vocabulary, scene from history
  7. Visualization - seeing in your mind what you are learning
  8. Metaphor, Analogy, Simile - Ex: use arm as neuron
  9. Reciprocal teaching - students teaching one another/cooperative learning (team)
  10. Music - wphillips.com (singing along science)
  11. Graphic organizers
  12. Drawing
  13. Humor
  14. Discussion
  15. Games
  16. Project-based instruction
  17. Field trips
  18. Manipulatives
  19. Technology - internet research, graphing calcs, etc
  20. Work study - internships, apprenticeships, etc
Three reason why teachers need these strategies:
  1. Increase achievement for all students - Elem, middle, high, college, adult, special ed, reg ed, gifted, esl, add, autistic 
  2. Decrease behavior problems - bored, inadequate
  3. Make teaching and learning fun - Laugh every single day, make it fun
Teach to both sides of the brain. She then had us to a physical activity to remember brain activity.

Brain facts that I remember (7, 8 after talking):
  1. Dendrites
  2. Cell Body
  3. Axon
  4. Dendrites talk to Axom only, 
  5. but can only do so via synapses.
  6. Humans are born with 100 billion neurons.
  7. Each cell body can have 60 dendrites or more
  8. Added - Fetus has more than 100 billion
She used music (The Hustle) to teach us number lines by moving to the right and left to the music.

Vocabulary words using the strategies:
  1. Gallimaufry - collection, assortment, plethora, smorgasbord, hodgepodge, menagerie, variety, conglomeration
  2. Idiopathy - illness is unknown, 
  3. Knout - whip

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