Jun 6, 2014

#edsymposium - Marcia Tate - Leadership Styles

"True Colors"

Cycle of the Seasons

Spring _Audrey__ > Summer __Jonathan___ > Fall __XX___ > Winter __XX___

We had to go around the room to find "dates." I have no idea what she was talking about, but other folks in the room were familiar with the process.

Rituals/Essential Questions
Brightening each color
Shadowing each color
Determining Your Leadership Style

Bright side:

  • Gold - Be prepared, love to plan, detail-oriented, left-brained and analytical, policies, procedures, rules; Organized, Responsible, Leaderlike
  • Blue - Mediators, Optimistic, Peacemakers, Romantics, Passionate, Motivate and Encourage
  • Green - Intellectual, "Why", Visionaries, futurists, idea people, work is play - play is work, explore all facets before making decision, 'geeks'
  • Orange - Playful, energetic, risk taker, "just do it", quick-witted, negotiators, entertainers, push boundaries, tangible rewards ("if i do this, what do i get?"), spontaneous

Shadow Side:

  • Gold - Rigid, system-bound, controlling
  • Blue - Pushover, Seeking attention, Needy, Get taken advantage of, Very emotional, not want to hurt anyone's feelings; naive, too nice, too tender-hearted
  • Green - Blunt, No collaboration, arrogant, snob, critical, aloof, unfeeling
  • Orange - Sarcastic, procrastinate, manipulate, possibly not complete tasks, flaky, irresponsible, goof off too much, cluttered
orange 4, green 3, blue 2, gold 1
green 4, orange 3, gold 2, blue 1

Our group - Gold, Blue, Orange, Green

Family - Orange/Green, Gold/Blue, Blue/Orange, Orange/Green

Leadership styles handout with four categories. Participants were asked to rank them in order from "most like me" to "least like me."

I ordered them as:

  • Troubleshooter (orange)
  • Stabilizer (gold)
  • Visionary (green)
  • Nurturer (blue)
Use the colors to help put people in the positions that suit them best.

Have a team made up of all colors, focus on the goal of the team.

Don't always hire "you" over and over. Diversify your team, employees

"Sit and Get Won't Grow Dendrites" - teaching the adult learner.

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