Jun 5, 2014

#edsymposium - Michael Fullan "Principal as Change Agent"

Handouts with quotes, participants were told to circle favorite quote. Then, move around room to share quotes.

I had to step out, but when I came back, this was on the screen. Look at this and think about where you might fit:

Watched a video and we had to determine if the people portrayed are too "pushy" or too "pully."

"Some teachers volunteered and some were 'voluntold'" - quote from video. Haha!

Teacher teams feel like they are constantly being support - continual, ongoing. Support is not just a one-off. Not told "do this. You are on your own. There is support all along the way."

 - Push - use of the word "voluntold"
 - Push - implementation of teams, expectations that teachers would take part
 - Push - Gather and use the data to confront situation
 - Push - High expectations, but provide support (pully)
 - Pull - Multiple groups to handle different aspects.

 - Pull - Teachers being drawn in
 - Pull - Teachers decided what the roles within groups would be
 - Push/Pull - Data was pushed on them, but then they wanted the data (pull)

Complex, but not complicated to implement.

Participants looked over various scenarios:
  • Leader too eager to make a difference
  • Undervalue the ideas of others
  • Lack confidence
  • Lack strategic skills to execute
  • Trip on their own strengths
Skills for Leading Change:
  • Challenges the status quo
  • Builds trust through clear communication and expectations
  • Creates a commonly owned plan for success (beware of fat plans)
  • Focuses on team over self
  • Has a sense of urgency for sustainable results
  • Commits to continuous improvement for self
  • Builds external networks and partnerships (Kirtman, The Principalship, p. 128 - according to Fullan's notes)

Dealing with resistance
  • Give people respect before they earned it
  • Practice impressive empathy - understand someone who is in your way
  • Love your employees - create conditions in which they can be successful
  • Deal firmly with what's left over
  • The road to reducing resistance is to increase enthusiasm
Things to think about:
  • What have I learned about my leadership? (or skills or processes etc)
  • What should I work on?
  • What is the overall takeaway from today?
I think every conference attendee should ask themselves the last three questions after attending ANY conference!

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