Aug 28, 2009

Random Thoughts

For no known reason unto me, I thought about the old 70's anti-littering ad that features a crying native American:

The commercial never made me a 'greenie,' but was powerful enough that I remembered it plain as day. I can't say whether the commercial actually ever stopped me from littering, but even as a kid, I remember thinking how over-the-top it was. And, that is not meant in a good way. I mean that it was a blatant attempt to manipulate the viewer's emotions (though as a kid I did not know the word "manipulate" that I can recall).

There is a lot of hulabaloo lately about the public service commercial (PSA) featuring three girls in a car that get killed/messed up in a text-related accident. Many people think it will have a huge impact, while others aren't sure. Still others think the whole thing is much too graphic to be viewed by the very audience it is trying to reach. I don't think it will have a huge impact overall. I believe people have become too desensitized and this commercial plays out like a scene in a movie. On top of that, REAL news stories about drivers causing wrecks due to texting are so commonplace these days that i don't think the PSA adds anything. And, finally, there is the ever-present, "that'll never happen to me" mentality that many of us are guilty of thinking. Sad, but true.

The message is right: Don't Text and Drive.

Several folks have been asking for Shan's recipe for biscuit donuts. Here ya go:

Mix powdered sugar and milk in a bowl to desired consistency for the glaze.

Heat pan of oil on stove or use deep fryer.

Open can of biscuits and separate each one.

Cut a hole out of the center of each biscuit. Shan uses the lid to a bottled water bottle.

Place the biscuits in the HOT oil and leave on one side until brown (usually about a minute or less)

Flip biscuits over and let the uncooked side boil in oil for about a minute (until brown)

Remove biscuits from oil and set on plate.

Drizzle glaze over each donut, then enjoy! Let them sit if they are too hot for your liking.

Ted Kennedy - The man, the mansion, the fortune, the drinking, the driving off the cliff and killing a woman, the family he rescued from russia (or somewhere like that), the things no one wants to really talk about. News at 11. Or not.

Now all the car dealerships that took cars in for the cash-for-clunkers program have a zillion used clunkers they have to try and sell. I'm curious: who would buy these? I mean, they are 'clunkers' right? They had to qualify to be traded in. I'll probably end up with one when it comes my time to get a newer vehicle. While I would like to buy brand-new, I just can't see paying for a new car when I could get a program/used with warranty left and pay about half... We'll see, I guess.

When I was a kid, I once got punched in the face by my best friend's sister. She was mad because I kissed her cousin at a fireworks display.

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