Aug 27, 2009

40 Favorite Christian/Gospel Songs

I thought it would be fun to see if I could even come up 40 Christian/Gospel (not Christmas) songs, let alone a 'favorite 40.' Let's see how it goes:

  1. Amazing Grace

  2. Grace Flows Down

  3. I'll Fly Away

  4. Old Rugged Cross

  5. Mississippi Squirrel Revival (does that count? I think so!)

  6. Who Am I

  7. Promise Comin Down That Dusty Road (Purkey version)

  8. Thank You

  9. My God is an awesome God

  10. Victory in Jesus

  11. Are you washed in the blood?

  12. How Great Thou Art

  13. Long Black Train

  14. Now is the time to worship

  15. Shout to the Lord

  16. I'm Accepted

  17. When we all get to Heaven

  18. Holy is the Lord

  19. Power in the Blood

  20. Lord, I lift your name on high

  21. Stomp!

  22. Place in this world

  23. The heart of worship

  24. Here I am to worship

  25. Because He lives

  26. Psalm 100 (I think is what it is called)

  27. Okay, I admit, I am out of songs that pop into my head. The rest of the list are songs that I looked up and said, "DUH how could I forget that one!?":

  28. Precious Memories

  29. When the Roll is Called Up Yonder

  30. I feel like traveling on

  31. Beautiful One

  32. How great is our God

  33. You are holy (Prince of Peace)

  34. He Reigns

  35. Here I am to worship

  36. The heart of worship

  37. Worthy is the lamb

  38. Indescribable

  39. Precious memories

  40. this is the day the Lord has made

  41. holy, holy, holy

Okay, that was a LOT harder than I ever thought it would have been.

I have a song that I did not put on there because it exists only in my head (because i can't sing for jack). It is called "A-M-A-Z/I-N-G-G/R-A-C-E, The Lord's Amazing Grace." I wrote it after my maternal grandfather passed away and it plays in my head more than any other song I have every heard. I suppose I need to write it down and get someone to record it for my sake...

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