Aug 30, 2009

Working on a book!

All it took was one little push. Well, really, one MORE little push. I've written on here several times about my desire to submit one or of my short stories to various magazines for publication, but I am never quite able to pull the trigger.

Well, a fellow baseball card blogger has written a novel (not baseball card related), and that was the spark, the kick, the push I needed. He went the route of, which allows a person to select various bindings, etc for publishing his/her own material. It's a print-on-demand site, so when one orders the book, one has to wait about a week for the printing and binding and then another week for the book to arrive.

I plan to get my current collection of short stories together, have an editor read over them, make revisions, and then pull them into a collection for publication. I will be shouting it to the world when it is finally on the market for purchase, so don't worry about missing the official "release party."

For the past two days, I have been looking over my stories, reading over the notes that my professors made on them, and reworking them as I see fit. It is amazing what a few years of sitting on a hard drive will do to one's stories. I look at them with fresh eyes and generally have one of two reactions: either I am still pretty happy with where they went, or I shake my head and wonder how I was able to earn a Master's Degree with them...

I may or may not become the next great short (or short short) story writer, but once the book is out there, it will be one of the things I can cross off my own bucket list! And who knows, it may even spark more stories to come.

Wish me luck!

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