Aug 19, 2009

Starting a new school year

Today was Emily's and Tyler's first day of the school year. They haven't made it home yet as I am writing this, so I will update later. Things started off a bit rough, though. Tyler would not wake up, so he was running a tad behind. Emily was not happy to be awake so early in the morning and she and Shan had to pick out clothes for the day. We were all running ragged by the time it was time to head out.

Since the High School is across the street from the Elementary school, Tyler now rides with his mom and Emily. Tyler and I spent nearly every school morning together for the past four years, riding along as I took him to Middle School. Not this year. This year, I will not have that extra body in the truck, sitting in the passenger seat with nary a word to say. And, when we did talk, it was all sorts of randomness that only he and I really understand and can keep up with. We got that from my Dad, I'm sure.

It would be easy to say something like, "I will miss not making that turn every morning." But, the truth is, I *missed* that turn almost as I made it last year. We'd get to the next intersection and Tyler would look at me and ask, "Uh, dad, aren't you taking me to school today?" I'm tellin' ya, he was so quiet over there, I forgot I had him in the truck with me! Well, and the fact that my mind tends to wander a bit about nothing when I'm driving. I know my ultimate destination, so I head in that direction is all.

For me, the first day of school meant answering the phone almost constantly, helping schools. I also answered a bunch of email, took part in an online webinar about the use of handheld devices (Palms, etc) in classroom instruction, met with some telephone guys about future plans for the phone system in the new building, helping one of our early childhood classrooms get reconnected to the network (evidently the summer workers unplugged the network switch when they waxed the floor in the kitchen area and did not plug it back in. Nice.), helping John troubleshoot some interactive video issues at a school, and do some of the various other things I do as the technology fireman.

Welcome back to school!

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