Jul 30, 2007

When the lights go out, go to DQ!

Before I left work today, Shan called me on my cell phone to let me know the power had been out since 4:00 that afternoon, and that it would not be restored until 7:30. I drove home, and we sat around for a little bit before I remembered that my Mom has a gas stove! In the rain, I took a skillet, hamburger, a can of Manwich, and a can opener. After 1 turn of the opener, I broke the handle off. I have no idea how, it just happened. So, now I am in the fading light searching frantically for a can opener in my Mom's kitchen while stirring the meat to make sure it doesn't burn. Where would I find a can opener? I have no idea where Mom keeps her stuff! Believe it or not, I find one in the 2nd place I look! How cool! Now we're cookin' with Crisco - er, Manwich.

Cook supper, eat supper, hang out for a bit. Oh, and, after a call to the power company, it turns out the power should be restored not at 7:30 but rather by 10:00 pm... Meanwhile, my new baby niece has been taken to the hospital for what has been diagnosed as Viral Meningitis. A lot of phone calls back and forth, still no power, and everyone getting a little stir crazy, I suggest we go to DQ. DQ is in Hope, 20+ minutes away...

After a quick stop by the school to see if the free mini-blinds that Shan got would fit the window (they were 34 inches wide, window is 36...), we cruise down to DQ just in time to grab a dessert.

After a fast stop at Wally World (that would be Wal-Mart), we head home. Shan calls the house, and after a few rings, we get.... the answering machine! We have POWER! It is the little things in life... DQ Blizzards, Wal-Mart, electricity.... :-)

I started the day prepared to teach a distance learning teacher certification program. After a brief discussion with the one person who had signed up, we cancelled that course. I thought I would have the day to do 'office work.' Wrong. I ended up teaching Microsoft Access because the presenter for THAT workshop was in the hospital having an MRI done! All I can say is that I am so glad it was Access (because I've taught it before) and not something I had never seen! I just hope the participants got at least SOMETHING out of it... Nothing like teaching a class you were not expecting to teach! :-)

Gwynn/Ripken plaques. From Baseball Hall of Fame dot Org
Tony Gywnn and Cal Ripken Jr were inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame the other day, giving the world a much-needed break from the bonds (excuse the pun, but I couldn't resist) of the Aaron record chase....

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head for so long that when it is no longer stuck in your head, you can't even remember what song was stuck in your head??? Yeah, me either... :-)

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