Jul 25, 2007

A day in Texarkana, a night of rain

John and I headed out for T-Town this morning, going to Sam's to pick up a locking cabinet for the office. Evidently, our boss doesn't like the idea that some of the technology equipment appears to have 'grown legs.' Easy enough, right? Maybe not...

Go into Sam's, grab a flat cart and head off to where the cabinets are located. As John tries to load the only one in the store, I notice there is a stack of those "take one and give it to the cashier" papers nearby. So, we move the cabinet back, drag the cart to the front of the store and check out. We are told, "someone should be bringing it up here shortly..." And we wait.... We wait some more... We wait some more... Finally, we ask the 'helper in green' about our cabinet and she radios for 'hardlines.' No answer... She tries again... No answer... Finally, someone replies to let the helper know the 'hardlines' person was up on a forklift and that the cabinet would be out shortly. Yeah, we heard that line before...

Eventually, a short, tiny woman shows up with our cabinet on a flat cart. The cabinet is standing upright. Someone at Sam's has a sick sense of humor because the cabinet is about 2 inches too TALL to fit through the exit doors in the upright position. Someone at the cabinet factory has a sense of humor because they ship the things wrapped in saran wrap, which as we all know, sticks to EVERYTHING, including the cart you are trying to get the cabinet off of so that you can lay the blankety-blank thing down! Finally get it down and loaded into the truck.

Off to Best Buy for a bit of a shopping spree. John picked up a 19-inch Acer widescreen LCD computer screen for $129. Excellent deal. I grabbed a 320 GB external hard drive for $99! Another great deal in my book! I like the fact that I will be able to back up our personal computer to an external hard drive (much faster than CD or DVD).

After Best Buy, we head to Carino's for lunch. Now, I had it in my head that since we were eating LUNCH, we would be served LUNCH-sized portions. No such luck. Full meal... Of course, the bread is awesome, so by the time my lasagna arrived, I had already chowed down on some serious breadage! :-) I also drank 3 or 4 or maybe 10 glasses of sweet tea... I lost count at some point...

We had to ship of a computer part via FedEx, so off to the FedEx store we go. After that, we drive around somewhat (but not quite completely) aimlessly, looking for a battery shop that sells all kinds of batteries (we need one for a battery-backup that died). Of course, the company moved from where John remembers, so we continue on our quest. We find it, tucked on the side of the road. There is a sign on the door: "Back in 30 minutes." Well, that's all well and good, but how do I know when you put that sign up!? DUH! We wait....

In a few minutes, a man hollers from across the street and heads our way. Honestly, he reminded me of Porky from the 80's movies. I had terrible mind-flashes of what lay in store for us... Turns out, he owns the place and he is shutting it down next week.... Can't compete with nationwide battery companies (like Interstate). Also turns out that even thought HE owns the place, he has NO KEY to the door... Oy... We're told the delivery guy will be back in a jiffy... Yeah, after he walks back across the street, we decide to get out of there before we start hearing the banjos of "Deliverance."

On a lark, we head to Office Depot to buy brand-new battery backups instead of dealing with the hassle of replacing the dead battery. Amen, brother! :-)

A quick pit-stop, given how many glasses of tea I drank, and we head back to Hope... The ETA into Hope? Somewhere around 1:45, if I remember correctly... Just another day at the office.... :-)

Tyler had baseball practice tonight, so I dropped him off and went to re-fuel my truck after today's adventure. I decided to take my truck to the car wash since it hadn't been 'hand washed' in some time. Of course, since I washed my truck, we had a torrential downpour pop up after practice that I got to drive home (down muddy roads) in... I told Shan it was my fault it rained.... I should have known better than to wash my truck... Though, it DOES look a lot cleaner now.. :-)

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