Jul 31, 2007

A question of writing...

Earlier today, John and I got into a discussion about how often we do (or don't) write on our respective blogs. We both came to the consensus that, really, even though there may be many things floating around in our heads, the truth is, we don't think it's really all that noteworthy...

The first inclination is to compare one's own writings with those of others. Because I like to write about whatever pops in my head, there is often no direction or grand purpose for my writing. I figure if it's in my head, it just as well come on out! :-)

Every once in a while, I try to write at least something each day. But, really, sometimes when I sit to write, I convince myself that what I am about to write (or in many cases what I write but do not actually publish) is not really worth the electrons it takes to form the words on the screen. That's not necessarily a knock on myself. Just the way life is sometimes, I think. Perhaps, I am over-thinking the whole thing. After all, my main 'purpose' for writing is get the stuff running around my brain out of head, and second to that is giving you, my friends/readers/etc, a peek into the world between my ears.

My niece's meningitis appears to be more serious than we had been hoping. We don't know the 'official' results, but preliminary results showed the cultures the doctor took are growing, which is a sign that it is meningitis. We are keeping all of them in our prayers.

Shan had bunco tonight, so the kids and I watched "Sky High" and ate popcorn and Whoppers. I had never seen the movie, and I thought it was cute enough. I enjoyed picking out the 'star' actors and actresses in the various roles.

(Warning: Geek speak ahead, proceed with caution)
At work, I was finally able to get the Sharepoint search working! I poked around enough that I came across an article on how to solve search errors related to document searches. It wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but I read it anyway, followed the steps, and presto! Of course, I did have to modify one piece because I had previously changed a setting that screwed things up now that they were working.. :-) I hope that made sense... LOL! I am very excited to have that part working because it will open up so many other ways for people to get the info they need without drilling down through the lists and libraries! :-)

I have yet another confession... I actually LOVE some of the music I download from eMusic. It is not the mainstream stuff, but some of it is very well produced, or very cool to listen to or both! :-) I'd have to say one of my faves right now is a song called "Mary-Anne" by Adam Richman (lyrics). It is very pop/rock, and has one of those 'gotcha' kinda feelings to it... You're going along with the first few lines, and then he breaks into the chorus and you hear the anger, frustration, hurt, and helplessness the guy is going through (he met a hollywood hottie who treats him like crap but he can't help but want to love her). I think he is more upset with himself than he is with her... Great song! :-)

Another couple are: "Dirty Water" by The Standells (lyrics), "Freeway Bound" by Miko Marks (website), "Good Livin'" by The Supersuckers (website), and some others. Yes, the independent music bug has bitten me... :-)

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