Jul 29, 2007

Blogger hits a WALL!?

(Small update: as of 11:50 CST, blogger actually started working again!)

Okay, I can understand an occasional slow-down in the system... But, for the past few DAYS, I cannot log in to create/edit posts. Right now, I am using the "email" feature that lets you post via an email message. Of course, there is almost no point in that because I'm sure most of the folks who drop by get sick and tired of waiting for the blankety-blank page to load.

I know, it's free, so I should be happy and shut up, right? Wrong. Free or not, there is a level of service that is expected...

Okay, I'm off the old soapbox now. Thanks.

A quick synopsis of the past few days - Tyler had a baseball tourney that lasted much of Saturday. Nothing like sitting in the 90-degree heat and humidity to watch two different teams slaughter your son's team... We lost 19-2, and something like 16-0... It was rough. But, the kids had fun (or at least SOME of them had fun). Plus, Tyler's team won the first game of the tourney on Saturday! I think our guys are just not used to playing multiple games in one day. Each time we had a double-header during the regular season, the 2nd game was always either very close or we got slaughtered, but either way, if memory serves, we lost the 2nd game...

For the record, do NOT try to clean the contacts of a Nintendo DS with a toothpick wrapped in a computer-screen cleaning wipe... In fact, I wouldn't stick anything in there that wasn't approved by Nintendo... I did, and so tonight, I had to buy my son a new DS since *I* am the one who ruined his... That was $130 I was not expecting to have to come up with! I know a lot of parents would have said, "too bad, so sad," but I couldn't do that. Had HE done it, then yeah, his fault and he could buy himself a new one. But, this was MY fault, so the responsible thing to do is replace the unit. I can prolly sell the other on eBay and someone with the proper tools could fix it (the screws are some kind of 3-pronged deals)

I played with Emily today. We played with some Hot Wheels cars and playsets that Tyler has had for years. It is so amazing to see the toys with fresh eyes. Emily was shouting out, "Oh, now that's cool! How cool is that!?" to almost everything we brought out of the plastic storage box. We set up a little 'town,' and had lots of fun pretending. Most of you know that I am generally a big kid at heart, and getting down on the floor to make "vroom vroom" noises with Hot Wheels-style cars was perfect!

On the way home from the store, we saw the brightest, most colorful rainbow I have ever seen. What's more, the closer we got to the house, the more it appeared to be in our back yard. When we pulled in to the house, we could "see" the end of the rainbow rising out of the field. I have never seen anything like that before. We could also see the other end of the rainbow coming down into the yard off to our right. It was transparent, and you could still see the trees and stuff behind it (or through it, really), but it came down and disappeared into the ground. ULTRA COOL! No pot of gold though, I can tell you that much... :-)

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