Jul 16, 2007

Crocs R (not) Us

I read an article from Slate.com in which the author tells the story behind Crocs (you know, those ugly shoes). From the first time I saw them, I hated them. Now, for the record, Shan, my Mom, Shan's Mom, the kids, and a whole slew of other people I know, actually love the things. They swear by the comfort, etc etc...

I'm too "old school" for such things. First of all, they are ugly. Second, I do not like the way they feel. People attest to the light, airy, squishy feel of them, and really, that whole feeling grosses me out. I want my shoe to feel like a shoe, wear like a shoe. To me, Crocs are something between sandals and boat shoes, and I am not real 'hip' on the whole 'open-toed' thing as it is. Yeah, I have issues, who doesn't? So, for me, I realize I am missing out on a trend bigger than Rubic's cube and parachute pants, but I don't feel cheated.

As for the 'socks-with-Crocs' deal... Look, if you are wearing long pants, fine. Wear socks with your Crocs. For goodness sakes, please do not wear socks with them if you are wearing shorts... And, if you just HAVE to wear socks,dear Lord, please do NOT wear black socks (refer to Pres. Bush in his Crocs photos...)... Frankly, that goes for ANYONE in shorts. Black socks do NOT go with shorts, nor do they go with Crocs, sandals, flip-flops, etc.

Okay, I said it... People, do you ever stop to look at yourselves in the mirror before you go out? Socks with sandals and shorts!? You just as well wear your shorts up to your armpits. Which, by the way, during one of the recent hospital visits, I did see an elderly woman who had her pants pulled up under her pits. I have never seen anyone who used their pants to support their breasts before, and frankly, I'd rather not have to see that again.... It was disconcerting on many, many levels....

I've had folks ask me about the LED frame I have on my truck. It's about $30 plus shipping on eBay.... I actually contacted a guy in Japan or China about selling them myself. He said he could sell me them in lots of 150 units. The discounted price he quoted meant I would have to spend about $2750 bucks. I just don't think I can sell 150 of them, nor do I have $3000 to blow on some gadget... :-)

Indians Collection Update: I've had a few set backs in getting my collection entered in the database with hospitals, kiddos, work, etc, but I have made some serious headway in past few days. All I can say is "Thank Heavens for the Internet!" Because we live in the age we do, I can type a few key points about a particular sticker, card, photo, etc, into a search engine and generally within a few clicks, I have the manufacturer and the year. I am also referencing various printed books (I know, the shock of it all!) which offer up pictures to compare with my items. At first, I was a bit gun-shy about adding my own sets into the database, but I finally held my breath and started inputting the cards that did not come pre-loaded. I still have a ways to go, and I have cards and items that I cannot find reference for anywhere (yet). That's okay, though, I have also discovered a bunch of cards and items that I never knew existed and have added those to my 'want' list (which may actually be bigger than my 'owned' list at this point). Of course, for me, part of the fun is finding cards that other folks did not know where out there (or at least weren't documented anywhere that I could find).

Speaking of baseball cards and being 'old school,' I love buying a box of cards to open the packs... There is just something about the surprise of what's inside that brings out the kid in me. I have a hard time justifying buying cards in boxes these days because you get so few for the money, but every so often, I reach down, pick up a box, and put it on the conveyor at checkout. I've actually netted more than a few cards for my personal collection, plus I give most of the cards to the kids. I think Tyler is just getting into the cards now that he has a favorite team. I hope my kids get the same enjoyment I do when it comes to whatever they decide to collect...

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