Jul 7, 2013

Bucket List Item #36

Bucket List Item #36: Present at a national conference

This one is actually very attainable. In fact, I've already come close twice. The first time, the hosting organization (which shall remain nameless) lost the presentation proposal.  We had an initial conversation when the organization received the proposal, but then I never heard anything back. When the presentation date loomed closer, I contacted the organization about dates, times, etc. That is when we discovered the error. By then, all the spots had been booked. Oh well. Next time.

The second time I came close, my submitted proposal (to a different organization than the first) had made it through at least one round rounds of approvals but was denied on the final round for whatever reason. No hard feelings. I'll just try again.

I've been to several national conferences over the course of my career. I've seen great presenters and I've seen sessions that inspired me to apply. That is, afterward I thought, "Well, heck, I can do that."

Now that we're in a new fiscal year, I plan to apply to several national conferences as a session host. I've got a variety of topics I'd feel very comfortable discussing and/or demonstrating to a crowd of folks. I'll let you know how it goes and which conference(s) I'll be presenting. Should be fun!

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