Jul 5, 2013

Bucket List Item #28

Entry #28: Anonymously benefit someone in a major way (bills, car, house, etc).

I think it is important to give back and/or to share one's passion about something with other people. You may or may not know that I give away a LOT of baseball cards over on my trading card site. That's because I think it's fun. But, that is also not anonymous.

Some the greatest pleasure comes from helping someone who doesn't know they are being helped. One day, after I am in a position to do so, I plan to help someone in a major way. I would like to be able to pay off a house for someone who is struggling, or buy a car for a family in need, or provide some other significant monetary benefit.

This is actually very high on my priority list. Almost directly under "pay off my debt" as far as things I truly hope to accomplish before the Good Lord calls me home. I have the faith to believe it will happen, too. I believe each person has several purposes, reasons, call it what you want, for being on the Earth in the time period they were born here. And, I believe that is one of my purposes.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. This is a great bucket list goal. I have always wanted to leave a 100% tip to an exceptional server. It obviously wouldn't be totally anonymous, but a great way to reward someone for doing a great job.

    1. I think that would be a very cool thing to do! Thanks for reading along!