Jul 24, 2013

40 Items on my "Bucket List"

Last Updated 06/03/2022

I don't even have a "Bucket List," so this may not even reach 40 items. And, I am including items that I have already done because if did have a list, these would have been on it:
  1. Own a Corvette
  2. Attend the Indians Fantasy Camp
  3. Visit NYC (2009)
  4. See the Indians play
  5. See the Indians play in Cleveland (Summer 2012)
  6. Write a novel (2009)
  7. Get published (2009)
  8. See the Yankees play at Yankee Stadium (2009)
  9. Pay for a group of college-aged kids' supper (payback kinda thing) (2013*)
  10. Go to Australia
  11. Pay off my debts
  12. Go to California (2004, 2014)
  13. Go to Disney World (2008)
  14. See the Grand Canyon (Summer 2014)
  15. Have lyrics recorded by professional
  16. Have lyrics recorded by a demo group
  17. Publish a book of poems and lyrics
  18. Finish the "Top Indians by Uniform Number" list
  19. Watch the Steelers play live
  20. Visit Wrigley Field (as a bonus, I got to watch the Cubs/Tribe play!)
  21. Take my family to Colorado for vacation (2013)
  22. Take a cruise
  23. Visit Europe
  24. Visit St. Andrews (for my Dad)
  25. Ride the Mt. Washington Incline (Summer 2012)
  26. Start my own business (2022, founded Amalgamated Toast LLC)
  27. Win a lottery (not scratch-off/doesn't have to be a big one)****
  28. Anonymously benefit someone in a major way (house, car, bills, etc)
  29. Be on TV or in a movie (commercial, as an extra, leading role, whatever!)**
  30. Invent something successful (and benefit from the sales)
  31. Write a children's book
  32. See a soccer World Cup game live
  33. Perform a stand-up routine at a comedy club (added 04/28/2012)
  34. See a full performance of Cirque de Solei (added 05/18/2013) - They filed for bankruptcy in June 2020. I will probably never get to see them live.
  35. Head a non-profit which helps those in financial straits get on their feet (05/18/2013)
  36. Present at a national conference (added 05/18/2013) (AESA, FETC)
  37. Create a scholarship for students with last name of Henderson who attend Henderson State University. No minimum GPA, no minimum credits. The reward is having the same name as the college. Why? Because no one is doing it now, and it should be a given. (Added 07/24/2013) - In 2020, HSU was sold to the Arkansas State University system. At the time, the university retained its name, but all of the operations are ASU. As the school is no longer its own entity, this item will likely never come to fruition.
  38. Ride AMTRAK at least once (added 05/26/2014) (May 2014)***
  39. Ride on Parts of Route 66 (Added 2014) (Summer 2014)

I'm sure there are other things that should/could go on the list, but that's all I got for now.
(This list was originally posted on 09/07/2009)

*On May 30, 2013, I was with a co-worker at Cracker Barrel in Conway, Arkansas. A group of 4 young adults sat down at a table diagonal from ours. I decided then I would pay for their meal. The longer I looked, though, I could have sworn one of the guys looked like Kris Allen (American Idol winner). I texted a photo to my wife. Before she could respond, the reaction of other patrons left no doubt. When our meal was finished, I asked our waitress (who was also his) if she would give me the check. I did not tell Kris that I was paying for his table's meal.

**In 2009, two colleagues and I went to Schaumberg, IL, for Windows training. While there, we decided to walk around Chicago every chance we got. As we passed by Vic Theatre, we saw that Bill Engvall would be there that night. So, we bought tickets. Turns out he was taping his comedy routine for TBS Very Funny! We ended up with seat near the front and close to the aisle. They were perfect! Not only did we get to see a great show, but we were put on video as well! Later that year, TBS aired the special, and there we were!

*** I added this after-the-fact because sometimes we do things that SHOULD have been on our bucket list in the first place.

**** I have won small amounts in the lottery several times (less than $100). I am crossing this off, though winning a big one would be pretty swooft... Haha!


  1. Hey,

    you can do your own demo group, dude. Self publishing isn't limited to dead tree media :-).

  2. You obviously have not heard me sing... LOL!