Dec 27, 2011

Fixing "Blindsighted" in Skyrim

Good heavens. Skyrim is full of as many glitches as it is guards who have taken an arrow to the knee!  The latest 'discovery' is during the Blindsighted mission where you finally face off against Mercer Frey.  In some circumstances, he never shows up at the 'final' showdown!  He speaks for a moment, but is not there and the player cannot move anywhere.  Enter the console yet again.

I have heard of two ways to make this work: 1) Bring Mercer to where you are, 2) go to where he is and follow him until he gets to where he is supposed to be.

As for (1), I did not try that.  I read too many people having no luck with it.

As for (2), here is what you need to do:  Once you enter the room where Mercer says something about getting the drop on him, your character is frozen. Sorta.

  1. Press the tilde (~) to open the console and type: epc 
  2. Press ENTER. This will free you up to move freely.
  3. Type: player.moveto 00022651
  4. Press ENTER (the game will load to where Mercer is in the world)
  5. Follow Mercer until he he gets to the right room *OR* until he suddenly disappears from you
  6. *IF* he disappears from you while you are following him, type: player.moveto 00022651 and press ENTER.  This should teleport you back to the room with him and the other NPCs and start the dialogue.  Be sure to get to where he can see you so the auto-conversation can take place.  Once it does, finish out the scene as you wish.
This is one of the most ridiculous glitches out there.  How he goes from one cut scene to being totally removed from the quest area is beyond me.  That has got to be some kind of scripting glitch.  In any case, the fix above worked for me multiple times.  I repeated the steps a couple times from older save games just to be sure it worked.  NOTE: You may have to fight several things along the way.  One "option" is to put yourself into "god" mode until you get back on task.  I don't generally suggest going into "god" mode because it is too far down the cheating path, but since the is a glitch in the game, I see no problem using it to avoid getting killed while chasing doofus around the map.

Keywords: Mercer Frey, Blindsighted, "get the drop on me", glitch, bug, Thieves Guild


  1. This is great, but what if this happens to me on the Xbox....

    1. There is no following him. And when i try to talk to mercer it says, that he is busy.

  2. This almost worked for me. I followed him; he runs into cave; I follow and load back into dungeon; he's there, running at the wall trying to get where he's supposed to be be, but can't

  3. I have the same problem as the guy above me

  4. Sorry, I don't have a solution for Xbox or PS3. I tried to duplicate the "running into the wall" but I can't. Hope you find a fix!

  5. yeah, i'm having this problem on PS3.
    probably because i used the platter glitch to skip part of the level..
    if anyone comes up with a solution, please reply.

  6. this takes me to the bloody mountain side

  7. Ok.. it worked sofar but now he didnt go all the way to the place.. he stoped outside the big golden gate after comming out of the cave.. what am i supposed to do now? I have tried bumping him with my sheild or poke him with my staff but he wont go >…< someone please help me

  8. HEY I JUST FOUND A VETTER SOLUTION the only thing u got to do is when the bug started and u cant move , open the console and type:epc
    then get besides khrielaa and bryloft and beat the shit out of them XD
    this will make the atack reaction.
    now when they are resting move tothe border of the balcony and wait it get destroyd and mercer will start the event

    1. sorry abour my writting , is 6 am and i just discovered this, very tired :3

    2. after useing epc in console commands I shot Mercer with a paralysis bow he fell ran back up and jumped than started dialogue then I killed him looted and swam up...I know a bit late but I never finished the game and I wanted the Nightingale armor and bow again.