Dec 19, 2011

Response to "Ten tech items you won't be needing"

The LA Times published an article (see end of this response for link) about the 10 tech items you won't need anymore. Like the last one of these responses I did, let's take a look:

1. Flip Cam - I half-agree with this. Pocket cameras are still a lot cheaper than an iPod, cell phone, etc.  The pocket cameras also tend to be a whole lot easier (in my experience) to pull the video from the device into one's computer for editing.  On the other hand, nearly every other device you buy has a built-in video camera, so why bother carrying around another piece of equipment. See, half agree...

2. Portable DVD player - One day, this will be true. Not any time soon, however. Why not?  because there are many families that bought as many DVDs for their kids as possible and, dang it, we are going to watch those in the car if it kills us!  I am one of them. Of course, Shan's van has built-in DVD players, so we don't need a separate portable one.  Okay, I'll give them this one.

3. Flash drives - BZZT! Wrong answer.  People still need a way to access their files when the "cloud" is not available.  The evolution of portable media dictates that SOMETHING will replace flash drives, but it will still be something people can carry on their person.

4. GPS for your car - BZZT! Wrong answer.  I can use the GPS in my car in more places than my phone because of cellular data coverage, or more specifically the lack thereof.  With my in-car GPS, I can find my location, get directions and route my course without worrying about dropped signals or getting a call while trying to navigate (which on many carriers will kick one out of the GPS app).

5. Small digital cameras - They are talking the small-form point-and-shoot.  I have to agree.  Cell phones now boast 8 megapixels, which is still more than most people would ever actually use anyway.  The only thing holding me back here is that small point-and-shoots are coming with better and better optical zooms - something that our cell phones just can't handle.  But, I certainly see the demise of those little cameras in the future.  Now, pro-level or pro-sumer level cameras?  Those will be around a long time, well, relatively speaking.

6. FAX Machine - BZZT!  The fax still can be one of the most secure ways to send a document - encrypted, secluded, direct.  Now, the machine itself may go, I suppose.  With unified communication systems, we can have fax-to-desktop, thus eliminating the physical machine.  I dunno, maybe I'm a half-and-half guy on this one after all.

7. Netbooks - Yeap. These are going, going, gone.  Now that you get a case, a keyboard, a stylus, and maybe even a mouse for your tablet, who needs a netbook?

8. CD player - Yeap. Gone.  Convert your CDs and (GASP!) records over to digital and kiss the physical CD players goodbye.  Oh, never mind the deterioration of your MP3 files. That's just a normal part of data corruption.  Besides, you can always download the songs again or convert them from CD.. wait, no more CD players? Oh. Nevermind. You're just outta luck.

9. Voice recorders - Are these even still around? Wow. I thought these were already dead and gone.

10. PDA - Palms? What?  Like voice recorders, I thought PDA's were already a thing of the past. Well, they are now for sure.

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  1. Now, how many of them have you had, or do you still own?

    My response to your response...

    1. Agree with you. I never saw the appeal.

    2. They're in vehicles, on laptops, but not on netbooks. That's why the netbooks are on the way out.

    3. Agree with you - I love my flash drives. I have lots of data and PortableApps lets me have the tools I need.

    4. Love my TomTom. I probably need to buy an updated map package. But I'm not traveling to the northwest anytime soon.

    5. I think that the small cameras will be around for a while, yet. There are those out there that don't have the newest cell phone. And by newest I mean a few years.

    6. Fax machines are here to stay for quite a while.

    7. My dad needs a netbook. Not a tablet. He wants a tablet, but that's too much of a learning curve. But his Palm is dying. See #10.

    8. CD players will be around for some time. Personal CD players are on their way out. But the one with my other stereo equipment isn't going anywhere soon. Wait, that is my DVD player. Never mind.

    9. I think that voice recorders (the mini-cassette type) are out. But there's a new generation of handheld recorders (four track, even) for concerts as well as notes. Reasonably priced (I think).

    10. I've got a few old Palm Pilots. Not going back to them. I used to want a Sharp Wizard in 1990.

    There are those that also said that fountain pens would be a thing of the past. Whoopie cushions, too.