May 4, 2011

American Idol Top 5

I don't where I've been with these, but Here's what we say:


Not a fan of James' first choice and I don't think he did all that good singing it. Now, his second song - whoa. Powerful and amazing. Very well done, er well until the beginning of the chorus. Ended great, and the emotion sucked you in.

On Jacob's first song, Shan said, "I guess I'm gonna go with NO. PS, I love Jacob." LOL! Like, James, the second song is way better than the first. This was a great rendition of the song. Super!

Lauren is hitting it hard on her first song. Very nicely done. I can see this on her album. Wow, I loved her second song, too. So much emotion and control. There is a hunger and a longing that she drew out of the song. Wow!

Scotty nailed "Gone" for sure! Excellent job. Wow! Certainly the most FUN that he's shown! His second song was just okay for me. Not the best, but at least it was a karaoke version of "Always On My Mind."

Wow, Haley's Gaga song was great! Very well done. Emily said she Loves, loves, loves Haley's singing. :-) "House of the rising sun??" Wow, really? Hmm. Emily LOVES it. Ah, and there is the growl we've come to expect in every single, cotton-picking time. Come on, man. Just once, keep the growl out of the song.

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