May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

The photo in this blog post came from a post I found online, but I thought it perfectly demonstrates what Memorial Day really means:

It is easy for us to say, "Happy Memorial Day" as many of us take the day off to spend time with family and friends.  But, at least once today, please stop and remember that the reason we even have to have a Memorial Day is because we have lost many loved ones on the fields of battle.  Somewhere, everywhere, there are husbands, wives, and children who spend the day in agony over the people they no longer have on this earth.  Memorial Day is a day of remembrance.  If you know the spouse, child, or parent of a fallen soldier, let them know how much you appreciate the sacrifice made in the name of serving for the United States of America.  Whether you agree with certain wars, battles, or military actions makes no difference.  Those that have given their lives were called to duty and they died as a result of that.  There are no politics that can ever justify the loss of life and there is no loss of life that should ever be darkened by one's own political beliefs.  Today is Memorial Day. It really is that "simple."


  1. Very well said.

    Thank you for saying it.

  2. David,
    I'm teaching a Learning to Blog, Blogging to Learn workshop tomorrow. I would like to share your blog URL and use your blog as an example for best blogging practices. Is that ok?
    You've got my e-mail!