May 11, 2011

American Idol - Down to 4

As Ton Loc would say: Less Do It...


James - A bit of a theatrical performance, but pretty good overall.

Haley - Hey, a little Michael going on here! She did a nice job!

Scotty - I am a Scotty fan, but I don't think this song works for him. The timeliness with Osama's execution is good, but I'm giving a so-so.

Lauren - Very rough start. Once she got of that low range, she really started to shine. Not super, but not bad.

Haley - Well, she definitely made this a psycho song. Congrats, I guess.

Scotty - Nice! Oh, I am liking this one. Very good stuff here! Of course, I am partial to the Bruno version, but he did very well!

Lauren - Well, we cant tell about hers. It wasn't bad what we could make of it. Evidently the bad weather messed with the signal.

James - This guy rocks. Period. Like him or not, he is very, very good at what he does. Great ending to the show!

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