May 21, 2011

Sharing: Of Phones and Codecs

I don't usually share the posts I create for my job journal.  I keep a blog specifically for my job because we have to journal what we do as a way to show our worth as technology coordinators in the state.  I do not see that as a bad thing, especially after attending a conference in which private sector folks showed the cost benefit of doing such a thing.  In fact, one of the presenters gave a copy of their "Billings" software to each participant.  The software allows the user to keep timelogs of how they spent their time. In the private sector, it is used to show billable hours.  I see the same thing for my job and I plan to start using it.  In the meantime, though, I post blog entries.  Now, I said all that to say this:

I recently had an experience with a Verizon rep regarding my boss' phone.  Rather than rehash it here, I will provide a link to it so you can feel free to read along:

I understand (well, no, I don't, but I pretend to) that service reps have a script they have to follow.  But, when a customer walks in and explains in DETAIL what they've done and what the results have been, why can't the reps simply skip ahead in their "step-by-step guide to troubleshooting" and just do what the customer wants?  Sure, if I had just walked in and said, "This doesn't work," then YES, walk through your steps.  But, come on! I explained everything I had done, and how I had REPEATEDLY come to the same end - failed update.  In retrospect, I should have just looked online for the "Fascinate Hard Reset" and done it myself.  But, that is what support is supposed to do.  Right?  Isn't that why they are there?  Instead, the rep screws up the phone and hands it to me.  Not even, "Sorry."  Just, "you'll have to contact your government account rep."  If I hadn't already handed Verizon the E-Rate contract for 2011-2012, I'd probably cancel them based on this one experience alone.

In any case, persistence is the key to defeating many tech issues, and this was no exception. I found the software I needed, and decided to go at myself - after all, the phone was not working so what's the worst I could do to it?  How about fix myself...

But, I shouldn't have HAD to fix it myself.  And, that is where my frustration lies.  Oh well, at least she is back up and running (or was when I left things for the weekend)!

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