Apr 23, 2011

It's not really about the PRICE of gas anymore. Was it ever?

Look, gas prices rise and fall like the tides. It happens. It has always happened. It will continue to happen. Obama says there is no "magic bullet," and he is right. So, since there is no way to prevent this from happening, why do we keep relying on foreign oil producers?

Switching to American-owned oil reserves needs to happen. Period. I'm not saying it will help lower the price of gas (there are too many investors worried about their dividends for that to happen), but at least the money STAYS HERE.

Mr. Obama, if you really want to help the unemployment situation, help eliminate our need for foreign oil, and actually save yourself a chance at another Presidential term, then make this happen.

Oh, I know, there are people who say we'd run out, it's not enough, blah blah blah. Baloney. It is sitting in the ground doing nothing. What are we "reserving" it for anyway? Right. A crisis. Well by definition, this is not a crisis (because it is certainly not unexpected), but definitely a critical issue. We already have the Nissan Leaf (purely electric for about $15/month in charging) and other non-gasoline vehicles will follow. Yes, we have millions of gas-powered cars on the road now. Eventually, those will die off, reducing the dependence on oil-based fuels. Sure, there will always be car collectors and folks that cannot simply afford to switch. Those folks will prove a much lower demand on oil-based fuels than is currently needed.

It's time to cut our ties to those who want to control our destiny. It is time for us to control our OWN destiny as a country, as a world power. Let us lead the way to showing the oil-producing countries that we do not need them.

No, this may not lower the price of gasoline at the pump, but at least we'd be sending the money into our own economy.

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