Apr 6, 2011

American Idol Top 9

This week, the singers grabbed songs from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Some of them kicked serious Idol booty.  Others, just meh.  Here are our picks and pans (and a whole lotta question marks):


Jacob - Man in the Mirror - Holy smokes! Now THAT is how to start off the show. This was great! Way to stand up for what you believe in - change the song when it doesn't feel right. Excellent!

Haley - Take a little piece of my heart - I am not a big fan of hers. This was okay in places, but she is too "all over the place" for my liking - growling then some little kid voice, then talking, then growl again. Nah. Emily, on the other hand, LOVES Haley. Emily was NOT happy that we said no. She said, "You people are weird!"

Casey - Have you ever seen the rain - I sorta like this, sorta not. I dunno, it's mellow enough but it is a bit reggae or something. He can play, though. No doubt there.

Lauren - Natural Woman - This is well done. Not out-of-the-park, but still nice and smooth.

James - My guitar gently weeps - Seriously? The rocker guy does a ballad? Wow, bad choice. Sorry. BBZZTT. Wrong answer.

Scotty - That's all right mama - Very nice! Great job.

Pia - Not really the best Pia moment. Like Shan said, "Can she sing it? Sure! but..." I have to agree.

Stefan - When a man loves a woman - I am not a Stefan fan. This falsetto thing is not working. This is Vegas Show Time. I'll take a pass.

Paul - Folsom Prison Blues - I like the upbeat take on this, but not sure it is the right song for him. Not bad overall.

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