Apr 7, 2011

And then there were eight - American Idol


Here we are on Thursday night and it is time for the American Idol results.  Michelle, last year, asked that I let her know ahead of time that my post was going to reveal telling information.  So, this is the Spoiler Alert warning.  Hopefully, I will write enough filler here that the results will not appear in the blurb that fits within a Facebook post.  If it shows anything, sorry 'Chelle!

The Ford commercial was very cute and funny.  Nice little twist on things.  Constantine from a previous Idol year sang, and though I didn't care to watch him sing, the photo of his new baby was absolutely precious!!

Gwen Stefani was the fashion consultant this time.  Okay, whatever.  Iggy Pop special singer on Idol.  Okay, really?  Wow, I am guessing everyone else is off hiding from TMZ?  Does he even remember the words to his own song?  Like Shan said, if he were a contestant, they would have sent him home. 

Here are Thursday's results:

Stefano - Bottom 3
Lauren - SAFE!
Casey - SAFE!
Paul - SAFE!
Pia - Bottom 3 - SAY WHAT!?!?
Scotty - SAFE!
Jacob - Bottom 3 - WHAT!?
Haley - SAFE!
James - SAFE!

Okay, this is too wild!  How on Earth are Jacob and Pia in there!?  Stefano, sure. But the other two!? Wow, that is a shocker to me!

Jacob - SAFE!  Whew!  Ryan pulled a fast one there.  What a doof.
Stefano - SAFE???
Pia - Voted off!? 

Wow, talk about every vote counting.  I can only assume everyone assumed she would get votes, so they didn't vote.  Pia should have won the whole thing.  This is unbelievable.

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