Apr 13, 2011

This... is American Idol - Top 8

Well, with Pia out of the contest, it will be interesting to see how things go this week. I have seen many friends on Facebook saying that they were not going to watch anymore, but they got sucked back into it again. Really, how can you not be? There is still some very good talent left. And, of course, there are those that we wonder how they are still standing up there.


Paul - Wow not a fan of his version of "Old Time Rock-n-Roll!" UGH.  My kids loved it.

Lauren - She did a very good job!

Stefano - Uh.. No.

Scotty - It's okay, but nothing great.

Casey - "Nature Boy" - Big mistake. Huge. Should have gone with Phil Collins. This is awful. What is this junk? Oh yeah, JUNK. A standing "O"!? There is no freaking way. It's over. Shan asked if they were clapping because he was done?

Haley - "Call Me" - Welcome back once again to the gravely voice. That would be sarcasm. I think she is trying too hard to be... I dunno. Something. Like she is still trying to convince the world she should be there. She's there. Just sing.

Jacob - "Bridge over troubled water" - He can sing. Flat out, giving it soul, giving it everything. He can get after it. Very nicely done.

James - "armbands and fliers" - that was funny! I actually like this a lot. This is some foot-stomping, head-banging tunage here! Of course, if you don't like this kind of music, then you probably aren't liking this. Shan said, "he is probably singing it well, but I don't like this kind of music. I hate the screaming."

Emily gave Lauren and Haley "LH" for "Loved Her!"

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