Dec 5, 2010

Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit - Yes, you can still play! (maybe)

Do you happen to have a copy of the "classic" (we're talking the original 1998 retail version here) racing game, "Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit" laying around?  Well, if you do (or if you decide to buy the original jewel cased version from eBay), you can enjoy the benefits of some enterprising programmers and still play the game with some remarkable results.

Okay, "remarkable" is used in the following manner: This game is from 1998, when "Voodoo" chipsets were all the rage.  This is not "remarkable" in the sense that today's games are graphically off the charts, though I admit, with the steps I'll lay out here, you can't deny the game looks DANG GOOD for being more than ten years old!

The steps outlined below come from one discussion on the topic, but I am pulling everything together so you don't have to cull through all the comments and back and forth rapport.  And, this allows you to play this classic on XP, Vista, Windows 7 x32 and Windows 7 x64. No kidding.

First, you will need the "NFS3:HP Vista Edition" from: - When you get there, just click on the yellow folder with the zipper on it.

Next, you must have an original NFS3:HP game disc.  Evidently, this Vista version does *NOT* work with the bundled edition of the game (the one with several NFS classic games in it).

Make sure the game disc is in the drive, then extract the files from the ZIP and run the Vista Edition setup.  The setup will verify your CD.  Then, it will ask you where you want the game, etc.

That lets you play the game with decent graphics.  Let's move up to "Ohhh, yeah!"

Download the nGlide Wrapper:

Extract and install the wrapper.  Note, it will not affect any modern games, and may actually prove to aid in playing some of the other classic Voodoo-enabled games you have.

Next, you have to download a patch for NFS3:HP:

Extract the patch files (there are two files in the ZIP) to your game's installed location (where you told it to install during the first step).  It should replace the voodoo2a.dll file and provide a .reg file.

Use Explorer or My Computer to find the installation location of your game and double-click the .REG file to add the Voodoo-enabled information to your registry.

Now, we have to edit the shortcut that the Vista Edition installed on your dekstop.  Find that shortcut, right-click on it, and choose properties.

In the "Target:" line, you need to add one thing.  At he very right-end of the line, AFTER the final quotation mark, add a SPACE (press your space bar once) and type: "-voodoo"

Click APPLY then OK.

Run the game from the desktop icon.  Once inside the game, choose Single Player, create a name, etc, but before you race, click on OPTIONS (bottom right of screen) and set your VIDEO preferences!  Trust me, you can set everything to "HIGH" or "FULL" or whatever.  Also, change the resolution to the highest you see listed.

Welcome to a new feel for a classic game!

*All this info was culled together from:

One eBay listing that *appears* to be listing a compatible version:

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