Sep 25, 2010

Woo Pig Sooie!

I did not always cheer on the Razorbacks.  When I lived in Pittsburgh, naturally I cheered on Pitt and Penn State.  Unless they played each other, in which case, I cheered Pitt. While attending CU-Boulder, I cheered for the Buffs, of course.  Then, when I moved to Arkansas, I hated the Razorbacks. Really. 

But, over the years that I have lived here, I learned to build respect for the various athletic teams and have since become a casual fan of the Hogs.  I am not a die-hard fan - I don't know all the stats of all the players, and couldn't even tell you who the players are outside of Mallett (and yes, I may have spelled his name wrong for all I know).  But, I have become a fan, nonetheless. 

And so, today when we (yes, I said WE) face the Rolling Tide, I say:


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