Sep 26, 2010

I hate being sick

It started Wednesday night. I don't really remember now.  I ended up going to bed with a slight tickle in my throat.  It was nothing major, just a bit of an annoyance.  I took some night-time medicine just in case.

Thursday came and I woke with something a little stronger than a tickle, but still nothing that a few lozenges couldn't handle.  By Thursday evening, things were on a downhill slide.  The tickle was more like swallowing bits of sandpaper and my body decided to pretend it was in one of those "night-time, sniffling, sneezing..." commercials.

Friday came, it was bad.  Sore throat, headache, stuffy nose that was also running.  Ah, yes, the makings of a full-on cold (or worse, flu).  I wasn't the only one, though.  A couple folks at the office were having similar symptoms.  Trying to install cabling, run wires, climb ladders, etc is not fun on a good day.  Try it when your head is spinning *before* you get on the ladder.  At the top of the 8-foot ladder, I looked down at one point.  The pattern in the carpet swirled, swayed, and swooped.  I was pretty sure the ladder's legs went loose and limber as I stood there trying to find something, anything, to hang on to.  Lucky for me, the ceiling grid is firmly attached to the roof.  Friday night, we went to the Curley Wolf game and watched our boys in maroon and white put some serious hurting on the other team.  I will say, though, that when the other team managed to score a late-game touchdown, EVERYONE cheered - our fans, their fans, everyone.  It was a reassuring moment that affirmed all that is actually "right" with small town Friday night football.  After that, we headed to the church for "5th Quarter" in which local youth are invited from post-game to midnight for games, food, and fun.  We worked the concessions.  Honestly, I don't remember much about the event.  I was kinda out of it.

Saturday rolled in like heavy equipment at a road construction site.  In fact, I believe my first thought Saturday morning was, "Did anyone get the number of that truck?"  I lazed around for a while, then we got up, cleaned the house, and headed to Hope for lunch and weekly grocery shopping.  I truly do not remember much about Saturday, except we listened to the Hogs on the radio until we got home and caught the house of cards collapsing on television (translation: Mallett's fall into the well that became the loss to Alabama).  I'm sure we did some other things on Saturday. I wouldn't bet on that though.  Going to bed was rough - lots of meds and I'm sure I fell asleep before even deciding if I like the new pillows we got.

Sunday rolled in more like a VW Bug than construction equipment.  I hung out, got dressed for church and went to service.  It's my month for taking up the offering as one of the ushers, and I vaguely remember telling one of the guys at the door that I was not feeling well.  I took up the offering.  I have been blessed in ways that surpass any sickness I might be having, and the LEAST that I could do is take up the tithes and offerings.  After service, we came home for some of Shan's 2x4 soup!  I don't know what's all in it, but it is GOOD!  After lunch, I alternated between snoozing and watching football.  Except for the sick part, it was a nice way to spend a Sunday.

Now, I told you all of that to tell you this: I hate being sick.  Being sick puts me in a position where I can't do anything, or at least very little.  I am sure I've talked about this before, but I am not one of those whiny, lay around guys.  There are things to be done.  While there was no whining (at least that I can recall), I was certainly not much help today. I tried to help Shan with lunch, but she had everything under control and I was basically wandering around the kitchen aimlessly.  Now, I will tell you, aimless walking is something I tend to do when I am not feeling well.  I don't like to be babied, so rather than moan and groan on the couch, I like to walk around and give the appearance that I am among the living.  In actuality, everyone would probably rather I just sit down and rest (red, stay out of the way).  For what it's worth, that's what I tried to do Sunday after I left the kitchen.  Of course, this time in sickness, I could do little else. 

Now, if only there are no feelings of being run over by anything on Monday, I'll be good to go - lots of work to do!

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