Sep 5, 2010

"Bug" - Incredibly weird and thrilling movie

Bug (Special Edition)

The other night, I was flipping through channels, as I often do, and stopped on IFC, which I also often do.  I can't remember what was on at the time, but the guide showed that a movie called "Bug" was coming up next.  The description was just vague enough to pique my interest.

Now, before I get too far, let me say that this is a movie with some rough language and also has nudity.  I am telling you that so if you are inclined to check out this bad boy, you won't come back to me and say that i didn't warn you. It's also FRUH-EAKY!  You've been warned.

The whole movie takes place at a motel in Oklahoma.  Ashley Judd plays a very easily manipulated woman who winds up falling for a stranger.  The stranger, played by Michael Shannon, is convinced that he has been inflicted (infected, injected) by the government with little bugs.

As the movie progresses, his obsession rubs off on her, and soon they are both convinced that the room is infested with bugs.  During the flick, other characters come in and out (like Harry Connick Jr) and things get weirder and weirder, eventually leading to a foil-covered room and the doctor from the  "hospital" where Shannon's character had come getting killed.

I won't tell the ending because, well, it was just out there.

Unfortunately, the ending is not as far out there as anything we've seen in the newspapers.

Do I recommend the movie?  If you like psychological thrillers, I'd say yes.  If the mental collapse of a person and the woman he gets to fall for him and his instability appeals to you, then I'd say yes.  If you're freaked out by just how "altered" some people's reality can become, then I'd stay away from this one.  Personally, it was just twisted enough that I liked it.

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