Sep 8, 2010

Excellent customer service

It is not hard, really, to deliver excellent customer service.  When a customer has a problem, just try your best to satisfy that person.  In my case, I have two instances recently where my concerns were handled swiftly and very well. 

The first is with Global Gov Ed.  We had ordered six 32-inch tvs and after they arrived, we realized that two would not fit our furniture situation at the office.  The sales rep worked hard to not only get return info, but also found us very suitable replacements!

The second was personal.  My account at the bank had a debit that was not supposed to be there.  I worked with the rep and we determined the source and got the situation handled quickly and accurately.  She even waived the associated fees for my trouble!

I worked in customer servive for several years (and in a way, still do).  I learned a long time ago, and in a very hard way, that the best solutions are those where the rep finds out *exactly* what the problem is and finds out *exactly* what the customer would like to resolve the issue.  Sometimes, there has to be a meeting  in the middle.  Mostly, though, it is not hard to resolve a customer's complaints.

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