Jun 6, 2010

Welcome to Summer

Last week started "Summer Hours" at the office.  For most employees, it means working 730a-5p Mon-Thu with Friday off.  For me, it meant working those hours plus hanging out on Friday for a disaster recovery workshop with various Superintendents, Tech folks, etc.

One of the Supts requested the workshop and Friday was the only day the computer lab was available *and* the presenter was available.  When a Supt asks, we do what we can to make sure those requests are met.  In this case, the fact that this is a mandated function (disaster recovery plans) helped ensure that it took place in a timely manner.  The result of this workshop birthed a request for a follow-up workday so that schools would have time to enter information while the folks that know the most about the software and the requirements stand at the ready.

As the workshop progressed, I received a phone call from the city employees working to install our telco conduits.  As what has become status quo, the gentleman on the other end asked me several questions to which I not only had no answers, I barely understood what was being asked.  That means that Monday will see me phoning my contacts to follow up.

Summer also means time for the annual "Chicken and Egg" festival in Prescott, AR.  I'm sure in days-passed, it lasted three days.  Nowadays, we get a Saturday.  It's a day of food, fun, music, and friends.  This past Saturday, "Pail" played, and local Trey Johnson provides the lead vocals.  They are on Facebook and MySpace.  They play a little country, rock, blues, and a combination of everything.  Well, maybe not everything.  Though, they did a southern rock version of several rap songs and a blues-rock version of "Billy Jean."

Of course, the best part of summer: VACATION!  This year will be unlike most for us.  We usually have a whole crew that go on vacation together.  This year, it's only the four of us.  We're heading to Atlanta, GA.  Why would we go there?  Because we've never been.  Well, not outside of the airport anyway.  Our vacations are almost always within a day's driving distance, and we try to go places we have never been.  Of course, there are exceptions like San Antonio. We've been there several times.  Likewise, Memphis TN.  Emily has not been to San Antonio that I can remember, and Tyler was very young.  I would love to go back again and take Emily and Tyler now that they are older.

We have tickets to see the Braves in Atlanta and we plan to visit Underground Atlanta, World of Coca-Cola, the Georgia Aquarium and more!  Of course, there will be swimming, dining, and general craziness!  Of course, we'll be blogging our (mis)adventures!

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