Jun 27, 2010

Learning to Cook with Emily

For the better part of an hour, Emily and I play "Cook Me!" In this case, we used her play food, stove, microwave, toaster, mixer and and any other play appliances we could find. We each took turns playing the waiter/waitress and the cook.

Orders ranged from the "Baloney Pineapple Cheeseburger with tomato" to the "Burrito and taco with salsa fries" to things that really didn't have a name. Those were the ones where we basically cooked everything we could fit into the various pots and pans she has.

At one point during the furious food frenzy, we had onion rings and fries in the toaster. The problem with the play toaster is that it isn't, well, fry-friendly. We ended up taking the toaster apart with a screwdriver and fished the fries out of their trap. Naturally, that led to an experiment to see just what else would fit in the toaster's thin slots. We managed a couple pieces of bread, buns, cheese, peanut butter and jelly, lettuce, tomatoes, pancakes, and several other things I can't even remember!

By the end of the playtime, we decided to put a bunch of things into a pan, arranged in an appealing, appetizing manner. Judge for yourself:

After I took the picture above, Emily decided to beat the dish senseless... What can I say, she's a tortured chef.

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