Nov 15, 2006

Wind in them thar hills...

Welcome to Wednesday's random rambling! :-)
This morning started off with a trip across the parking lot to Denny's. The guy that served us was so out of it he forgot his own name when he came over to the table! Since John qualifies for the Senior menu, he opted for some kind of waffle slam thing... LOL, I went for one of their Grand Slam deals... Oh, did I mention? It was raining and freezing, but the worst part was the WIND! Holy cow! In fact, I'm pretty sure there were flying cows! After breakfast, it was off to class.....

Class started off with a lab exercise we didnt get to finish (well, we didnt even start it really) yesterday. Things were not looking good by lunch... I felt pretty lost, but pushed along anyway... John and I both noticed that either the folks in this class aren't too friendly, or maybe they are just too serious or something... We joked and kidded a bit, but we were met with the chorus of crickets chirping.... What was up with that? Well, we warned our instructor that we would be back next week, and we'd be bringing a crowd... There are 6 or 7 people enrolled in next week's class, and 5 of those represent various K-12 organizations, so we all know each other.. :-) Now, THAT will be a fun class... The instructor already threatened to assign seats and separate us all...
As the day wore on, things got better in class as far as understanding goes... I admit, I skipped an exercise, but really, it is one that I know I will never use... And if I do use it, then I have it in the book to refer to! :-)

The temperature dropped all day long... The rain stayed, the wind blew hard, and we avoided the outdoors as much as humanly possible! After class, we decided to have pizza delivered, so we wouldn't have to brave the weather - we'd make someone else do it for us! :-) now, here's the kicker... We ordered Domino's. There is a Dominos place about 3.5 miles from here, and another that is a hair further than that... We called the closest one... They cant deliver to us at the hotel because they are the ROGERS Dominos and we are in BENTONVILLE... Give me a break... So, I dont know if all Dominos are this way or not, but we had to listen to about 60 seconds of commercials before we talked to the girl who would take our order... We were told it would be about an hour before we would get our pizza.... For the record, it was worth the wait... :-)

You never really know what kids will say or do... While on the phone with Shan, in the background Emily asked if I missed them since I am away this week. I said I did. Shan told me that Emily ran her hand across her forehead and said, "WHEW!" :-) Gotta love the kiddos.... I talked to Emily for a bit tonight, and it occurred to me that as she is getting older, the amount of time she spends talking has grown exponentially.... She ran through about 100 different things, and I'm sure I only caught half of them, maybe... Books, AWANAS, winning at a game, school, long-sleeve shirts, coats, you name it... I'm sure we covered it... :-) Tyler, on the other hand, inherited my rather lacking in phone conversation - he gets on, says what he needs to, and gets off the phone... For me, it is not that I don't WANT to talk on the phone, I just don't know what to talk about or what to say when I do get on the phone... And, I generally don't like sitting there not saying anything at all... So, I usually say what I want to/need to and then I'm off the phone... Nothing against the person I'm talking to, it's just something in me that I just need to hang up before the dead air rules the conversation... Maybe it's a leftover from my radio days.... Dead air is a bad, bad thing in radio, so maybe that carries over in my phone conversation (or lack thereof, really)... Then again, maybe I just suck at conversation... :-)

And with that, I'll shut up now... :-) Thursday is the last day of class! YAY!

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  1. I never feel like WE have nothing to talk about. Maybe cause we have family in common. I hate dead air too. Dead air is a thing that teenagers do when they are on the phone with there boy/girlfriends because neither of them wants to hang up. Now in the days of cell phones, and paying by the minute at Peak unless you are talking to one of your "5" or your IN people, you pay through the nose for being on the phone.

    $450 for a bike? How 'bout my boss' son (who also works at Parker) just bought a mountain bike for $1400. Yep. You read it right. One thousand 4 hundred dollars. I told him he should have use that money to put a good down payment on an engagement ring for his girlfriend. His answer? What would I get? I said arm candy for the rest of you life. His girlfriend is very statuesque, a little meaty in some areas, but really pretty.

    Oh well. I have stuff in my head that I'd like to write about. Shoudl I start a blog?